Top 10 Pinkfishes Products for Experienced Lash Techs

Top 10 Pinkfishes Products for Experienced Lash Techs

As an experienced Lash Technician we’re sure there are multiple products you use now that you wouldn’t have even known about or how to use them when you started out on your lash journey! 

There are a lot of lash technician products that are not necessarily ''essential'' but can help improve your lash treatments. In this blog we will be going through The Top 10 Pinkfishes Products for Experienced Lash Techs and how these products can improve your treatment speed, organisation skills and retention.

1. Quick Drying Adhesive

Working with a fast glue can be a really great way to speed up your treatment time and reduce lashes sticking together throughout the treatment, however you must ensure you can work with the speed of the glue. If you are noticing you are speeding up on your treatments and feel like you are waiting for the lashes to cure once you have applied them, then it might be time to look into using a faster drying glue, in which case our Pink Radical II or Pink Supreme Clear may be the perfect option for you! Both of these lash adhesives have a super quick drying time of 0.5 seconds! Since this is such a fast drying glue we would only recommend it for very experienced Lash Techs that can work at a fast pace as you wouldn't want it to partially cure before being applied to the natural lash. Pink Radical II is a strong black adhesives whereas Pink Supreme Clear is a strong clear adhesive. 

2. Elite Tweezers

Next on our list of must haves for experienced lash techs is our Elite Tweezer range. These tweezers have diamond tips which have an amazing grip, allowing you to pick up and fan lashes with ease. The diamond tips on these tweezers are ideal to use on the finest of lashes, for example our super fine 0.03 Mega Volume lashes can be effortlessly picked up and fanned using our Elite Tweezers

 Once you find your feet with fanning and application you could always up your product quality and treat yourself to a luxury pair of tweezers from our Elite Tweezers range to see how much you improve using the diamond tips, especially if you are looking to try out finer lashes such as 0.03s. Tweezers with a great grip will also help you to speed up your treatment time as it will be easier to pick up and fan lashes. 

3. Bonder

Bonders are not essential but definitely worth investing in to help aid with retention and client satisfaction. Our Pink Elixir is an amazing glue activator which instantly bonds adhesive fumes ensuring a much more comfortable post-treatment experience for your clients and acts as a sealant to create a waterproof barrier over your adhesive. Apply very sparingly with 2 microfibre brushes (one for each eye), along the lash line, apply approx. 2 minutes after finishing your lash set. Many lash techs see improvement in their retention of lash sets when using this bonder as opposed to not using a bonder at all.

4. Mega Volume Lashes

One of the hardest lash thicknesses to work with is 0.03, this is because it is the finest thickness of lash extensions available in the current market making them harder to grip than ticker lash extensions. 0.03 Mega Volume Lashes can be used to create a super dark and full looking sets of lashes as you can use up to 20 lashes per fan, depending on the health of the natural lash. 

Our 0.03 lashes are also being used to create the beautiful new and trending ‘Angel’ lash look, which is created by using 2 or 3 of our 0.03 lashes per natural lash, creating a stunning wispy and light volume set of lashes! This style is becoming increasingly popular across the lash industry. 

Using 0.03 lashes can be tricky to start with if you are new to lashing as they are very fine, so you need to ensure you have good grip on your tweezers so you can pick up the lashes and fan with ease. As mentioned before, our Elite Tweezer range with diamond tips are perfect for working with 0.03 lashes as they have a great grip! 

5. Hygrometer

Once you have been lashing for a while you will notice that your lash adhesive will change depending on the environment it is stored in. Professional lash adhesives should be kept in an optimal temperature and humidity (this will be dependent on your manufactures guidelines.) If your room is too cold, it will usually mean that your humidity will drop and cause your glue to take even longer to cure, slowing down your treatment time. Try warming up your room by turning up the temperature. You can also get a humidifier to add moisture to the air. Alternatively try using a faster curing adhesive. If your room is too hot, this usually means that your humidity will rise and cause your adhesive to cure much quicker than usual, sometime too quickly that the glue starts to cure before you have had enough time to place the extension on the natural lash. Try lowering the temperature of your room by covering windows from direct sunlight, using a fan or air-conditioning. If your humidity is too high, you can get a dehumidifier or you could try using a slower curing glue to help combat the faster drying speed. This is why knowing the correct temperature and humidity of your glues is so important to create the best set of lashes with amazing retention! 
How do you know the temperature and humidity of your lash room? This is where our Airtight Glue Storage Tank with Hygrometer comes in handy. The Hygrometer is built into the lid so you can read the temperature and humidity of your lash room and show the results in real time on the digital lid! Using our Airtight Glue Tank with the Hygrometer will allow you to always know the temperature and humidity at which your glues are stored so if they are not quite right you can make changes accordingly. 

6. PH Balancing Primer 


Pre-treatment cleansing is one of the most important aspects of creating the perfect lash set with amazing retention. Cleansing and priming the natural lashes will help create an ideal bonding surface however knowing which clients to cleanse and prime is really important as not all clients will need to be primed before their treatment. If your clients have oily natural lashes and skin or struggle with retention issues, then they will most likely need to be primed pre-treatment, however if your client has dry skin/scalp then using primer on them could dehydrate the natural lashes too much which affect strength of the glue bond as lash adhesive needs moisture to cure correctly. This can make it difficult to fully adhere the extension to the natural lash and lead to bad retention. 

Ingredients within your lash adhesive (cyanoacrylate) can also be affected by the pH level of natural lashes. If the natural lashes are too acidic then it will slow down the drying time of your adhesive, if too alkaline it will speed up the curing process. Most likely you will be working with a lash adhesive with a good drying time for the speed that you work at, so ideally you want the natural lashes to be neutral in their pH balance. 

This is why we recommend using our Pink PH balancing sticks as these will work on all clients with all skin and lash types. If you struggle with determining which clients to prime before their lash treatment then our Pink PH Balancing Sticks are perfect to use on all clients as they balance the PH levels across the natural lashes to ensure the lashes are not too acidic or alkaline, creating the ideal bonding surface to apply the lash extensions. Natural lashes tend to naturally be more acidic and if the lash area isn't prepped properly the cured glue will shrink and will cause the extensions to fall off very quickly. 

7. Pre-Made Spikes

Offering different lash styles is one of the most important ways to up your lash game! One easy way to start offering a new style of lash extensions is by using our Pre-made Spiked Lashes to create those beautiful wispy lash sets. It can be daunting to introduce new styles as there are so many to choose from and it may take a while to get the hang of how to create the perfect sets for various eye shapes. Many beginners tend to offer standard lash maps such as doll, open and cat eye, as you become more experienced experimenting with different lash maps will showcase your talents. Using our Pre-made Spikes will allow you to save time during your appointment and make it much easier for you to test out creating some beautiful wispy sets. 
We recommend using spikes that are 2-3mm longer than the rest of your set, depending on the desired result, the longer the length of the spike in comparison to the rest of the set, the more dramatic the spiked set will be, and the shorter the spike in comparison to the rest of the set the softer it will turn out. For example, if your basic lash map is a doll eye, lengths 9-14mm then we would recommend using 11mm spikes in the inner corners in contrast to the 8mm lashes and going up to a 16mm across the 14mm area, however only use long spikes if the natural lashes are able to hold the longer length spikes. Our Pre-Made Spikes range from lengths 11-20mm and can be applied like a classic lash to adhere properly to the natural lashes. 

8. Coloured Lashes

Whilst on the topic of offering different lash extension styles, why not test out using our Coloured Lash Trays for all your clients that want something a littleextra… Using coloured lashes takes lots of skill, practice and creativity, therefore would only recommend using coloured lashes once you have more experience. You will also more than likely have to use a clear glue when working with coloured lashes which is harder to work with as you can not see the adhesive very clearly. 
We offer various different Coloured Lash extensions in regular Russian Coloured Lash Trays, Limited Edition UV Lashes, Pre-Fanned Coloured Lashes and Pre-Made Coloured Glitter Spikes. Coloured Lashes are great to use throughout the year for different special occasions such as; 
  • Christmas & NYE celebrations where our Glitter Spikes and cool toned Coloured Lashes would work perfectly.
  • Birthdays, why not add a pop of your client’s favourite colour at the end or throughout their lash set to give them an extra special something to stand out on their Birthday celebrations
  • Festival season, what could be better than Coloured Lash extensions, UV Coloured lashes and crazy colour pops for festivals throughout the summer to match your crazy festival outfits
  • Pride month, Coloured Lashes would work amazingly for clients wanting to show their love and support during Pride month!
  • Match your lash extension to your eye colour to make them POP for an everyday eccentric style. 
These are just a few special occasions you could use our Coloured Lashes on your clients throughout the year to show you offer more than the average Lash Tech! Read our other blog 'How to Style Coloured Lashes' to see various ways you can incorporate coloured lashes into your lash maps. 

9. Nano Mister

Elevate your lash treatments and give your clients a luxurious feel during their appointment to ensure they return by using a Nano Mister! Pinkfishes Nano Misters will leave your clients feeling calm and refreshed after their appointments.Our Nano Misters should be used post-treatment after completing your full set of lashes or infill to help cure the adhesive, aid in the removal of any odour from the lash glue and reduce the risk of irritation when your clients open their eyes! Simply spray across the eye area and let the mist slowly fall onto the lashes, creating a relaxing, cooling sensation for each client! 

Nano Misters also help with retention issues as they cure the adhesive much quicker than normal as lash adhesive needs a small amount of moisture to help it cure. When using the Nano Mister, you want to avoid getting the lashes super wet, the best way to use it is to cover the lashes with the mist but not allowing your clients lashes to get soaking wet in the process. With so many benefits, having a Nano Mister on your lash trolley is a no-brainer! 

10. Eyelid Tape

Last on our list is our new Eyelid Tape which is an absolute game changer for experienced Lash Techs! This tape is super sticky with a great hold on the client's skin, however is still very gentle on the eyelids and lashes. The tape is pre-cut into small pieces allowing you to manipulate the eyelid and lashes in any way you want to help isolate by lifting and layering the eyelid and natural lashes. 
You can use it to tape back the natural lashes to cover every layer, use the tape on the bottom lashes to cover any natural lashes that poke through the eye pads, gently tape the eyelid sideways/backwards to isolate the inner/outer corners of the eye, tape back any excess skin on the eyelids to achieve more accurate isolation. This tape does not need to be de-tacked as it removes from the skin with ease whilst also maintaining its hold throughout the appointment. This tape is small so you need to use precisely so better recommended for more experienced lash techs as opposed to regular lash tape. 
So that concludes our blog on the Top 10 Pinkfishes Products for Experienced Lash Technicians! All of the above products are available to shop on our website and we hope they help you increase your treatment times, productivity, creativity and retention!