All Things Mega Volume

All Things Mega Volume

Mega Volume lashes are something that has been around for quite some time now, and I think we are all familiar with the term, however is it something that is really understood? There is so much more to them than just an extremely full set of Russian lashes - so if you want to learn more about this technique, then read on below! 

What are Mega Volume lashes?

Mega Volume lashes are extra thick and fluffy Russian Eyelash Extensions. They are created using super thin 0.03 Russian lashes in a 10-20D fan, rather than the standard 0.05-0.07 for Russian lashes with up to 10D lashes in a fan. The thinner thickness allows us to use more lashes in a fan, to ensure that the overall weight of the fan isn’t too heavy for the natural lash, and creates a much fluffier final look. 

How long does it take to do a set of Mega Volume lashes?

To ensure you achieve the optimal thickness of a Mega Volume set, it's important to apply a fan to as close to 100% of the healthy natural lashes as possible, to get the fullest coverage. So a full set of Mega Volume lashes will likely take a little longer than a full set of Russian lashes, but not by too much. Allowing 2.5-3 hours should be enough time to finish the set, however it's important not to rush & ensure you are getting a full coverage to achieve the look that you have set out to achieve. 

How do I make a Mega Volume Fan? 

Making the perfect Mega Volume fan is an art, and will take a lot of practice. We are using so many more extensions within the fan, so ensuring we still have an evenly balanced fan and a tight pointy base is really important, and can be quite tricky at times. So it will take lots and lots of practice, especially if you are a beginner. 
I personally find the best way to create an evenly balanced and spaced fan is to use the tap out or pinch method of fanning. These methods allow you to keep a tight pointy base, whilst creating a widely spaced fan. 

A really handy tool to have when creating Mega Volume fans is a Flower Glue Ring. The small grooves create the perfect shape to pull your fan bases through. Once dipped in the glue, run the extensions through one of the groves, slightly releasing the pressure of your tweezer to allow the extensions to fan out. This fan can then be applied to the natural lash in the same way you would any other Russian fan. 

Or alternatively, you can buy them pre-made! Pinkfishes stockMega Volume Pre-Made Fans in 10, 12, 14 and 16D but also now stockMega Volume Pre-Made Fans in 20D mixed trays. So now it's easier than ever to create that Mega Volume set. 

How do I know how many lashes to put in a fan?

Knowing how many extensions to put in a fan mainly depends on 2 things: 
1.The look you and your client want to achieve.
2.The health of your clients natural lashes. 

    To put it simply, the fuller/denser/darker you want the set to look, the more lashes you want in each fan. So depending on how mega your client wants to go, depends on the number of lashes you put in a fan. However, it is imperative that you take your client’s natural lash health into consideration. If they are at all damaged, frail or thin, then you must make sure you decrease the overall weight of the extension by reducing the number of lashes in the fan. Opt for a 10D fan (or potentially even less, depending on the damage) rather than a 20D fan, and make sure to manage your clients expectations too. As damaged lashes won't achieve the same finished look that a healthy set of natural lashes will be able to hold. If they are too damaged, its best not to go ahead at all and recommend a different style to your client that will suit their natural lashes better. You can see the difference between a 10D set and a 20D set in the video below. 

    How much can I charge for a set of Mega Volume lashes? 

    There are two things to take into consideration when deciding how much to charge for a treatment. 

    1.How long the treatment takes you to complete it - so if it is taking you 30 minutes longer to complete a set of Mega Volume lashes compared to a set of Russians, make sure to allow for this in your pricing. 
    2.Your increased use of products - as much as Mega Volume sets are essentially the same as Russians, and so the majority of products used are the same, you will be using more lashes per fan and so will get through more strips of lashes when creating a set. Therefore you must also take this into consideration, as your cost per treatment may be slightly higher. 

      Once you have considered these factors, you can base your new price off of your Russian Lash price, and add some extra ££s to the infill and full set pricing. 

      How do I map a Mega Volume set? 

      Mega Volume sets can be mapped in any way you/your client would prefer as the style will suit most lash maps. You could go for the standard open, or cat-eye map, or get more creative by mixing mega volume fans with spiked fans to create more of a strip lash look. 
      However, regardless of the map you choose, if you want a fuller looking set of Mega Volume lashes, then it is better to keep the lengths on the short side. The shorter the lashes are, the denser and fuller the finished set will be.

      Pinkfishes Top Tips for the Perfect Mega Volume set 

      Symmetry & uniformity is key - it's important to remember that our eyes aren't naturally symmetrical, so we have to be aware of this when creating a set of lashes. Where lashing 100% of the lashes across both eyes will create a beautifully full set, if one eye has more lashes in an area than the other, it can lead to them looking unsymmetrical. So you would need to balance this by making the fans less full, by using a 14D or 16D fan instead of the 20D used on the side with fewer lashes. Making sure that all of your fans are unformed and evenly spread will help you to get a lovely uniformed set. 

        Be safe-as great as Mega Volume sets look, and as much as our clients may be desperate for that blackout effect, it's so important to do what is right and safe for your clients' lashes. If you feel that your client's lashes are too frail, weak or damaged to go ahead with a mega volume set, it's really important to be transparent with your client as to why you are not going ahead. Offer alternatives such as a lighter russian set, or even recommend a growth serum like Longer Lengths that they can use for 4-6 weeks to build the strength of their natural lashes. Remember this can be used on extensions, so you can recommend a light set of russians while they build up the strength of their natural lashes, before moving over to a mega volume set in a couple of months time. 

          Choose the right adhesive - too slow and the fan can close before it is cured in place on the natural lash. Too fast, and it will either travel up the fan causing it to close up, or it may dry before the fan is properly adhered to the natural lash which will effect the retention. So a mid range glue would be ideal, like ourPink Radical Strong Adhesive, which is 0.5-1 second drying time. 

            Only dip the fan into the glue by 1mm - if you dip the glue in too far, it will cause the fan to close up. This will then cause the fans to look chunky and heavy rather than the light and fluffy look we need to achieve a Mega Volume set. 

              Keep the base of your fan small - the shorter the base, the wider the fan will go - giving fluffier sets with even coverage. 

              Why not try out ourPre-Made Mega Volume Fans ranging from 10D - 16D or for that extra volume, give our NEW loose20D Pro-made fans. Giving you perfectly even and symmetrical fans every time with none of the hassle! Perfect to speed up your sets, especially as a beginner to this style.

              Don’t forget to tag us in your lash sets! @pinkfisheslashco xx