You may already know that lash extensions have different thicknesses, but do you know how to calculate the weight of a Russian/Volume fan? In this blog we look at why it's important to know the weight of your fans to lash safely and how to work out the weight of your fans. 
Who doesn’t want to earn more money? You may think the only way to make more money as a lash tech is to up your prices or to do more treatments…wrong! If you don’t already retail products to clients, then this is something you should consider, as you can increase your income by over £20,000 per year!!!
In the lash industry, cancellations and no-shows can significantly impact your business, leading to lost revenue and wasted time. Managing these challenges effectively is crucial for maintaining a stable and profitable business. This blog explains how you can enforce cancellation/no-show fees and leverage the Timely app to mitigate these issues.