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Every lash tech will come across the point in their career where they need to increase their prices, but many hesitate as they do not want to loose their current clients.
Making great volume fans really is the difference between being a good lash tech and a great one, and getting to this point can take years of practice. This is why we always say in our training courses that it is so important that you continue to practice, even when you think you’ve got it, as you can always find ways to improve and get better.
A lash lift can be one of the most rewarding, but also one of the most frustrating treatment out there. We’ve all been there when our client opens their eyes at the end of a treatment and you just don’t have the result you wanted - it can be so deflating.
So we’ve put together our top 10 tips and tricks to stop this from happening to you again. Take a look and let us know which one your favourite is!