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Annual Beauty Therapist Insurance Cover

From £5.55 a month

If you run a business making people look and feel better about themselves, you need beauty insurance to protect both you and your clients. We can’t control which clients will react badly to a treatment, so insurance is vital.

Getting a treatment wrong can open you up to all sorts of liability and unfortunately your client will not be the only one who suffers. Protect your business reputation and funds today with beauty insurance from our partner – PolicyBee.

What insurance do I need?

Beauty therapy insurance helps whether you work mobile or from a salon. There are lots of different types of insurance that you can add to your beauty insurance package. So, here’s a breakdown…

Treatment & Professional Liability insurance will cover your legal defence and any compensation due to a client, if harmed by a treatment. Claims of pain, scarring and mental stress can end up costing a lot of money. This cover is also very important as a mobile technician, as if you were not to have it, any claims would leave you personally liable to cover the costs.

Public Liability insurance will cover any claims of damage to third parties and their property. So if someone was to trip on the way into your salon and injure themself, or break any of their personal property, you would be covered for any claims made against you. If you’re a mobile technician, it will also cover you for any accidental damage you cause when treating clients in their homes.

Salon insurance protects all of your equipment that you use to complete your treatments in a salon. So if your equipment is lost, stolen or damaged, you will be covered to replace it so you can get back to work.

Portable Equipment insurance will cover you as a mobile technician when taking equipment into a clients home. If any damage was to come to your equipment, then you would be unable to work until it was replaced. Portable equipment insurance will pay to replace your kit quickly and keep you working.

Employers Liability insurance protects you and any staff you employ at your salon. By law, if you employ anyone, you have to have insurance. This insurance will protect your staff for if they were to suffer any illness or injury at work.

If you have any questions about our Beauty Therapy insurance - please call us on 0345 216 0027.

Why choose us?

  • We are working in partnership with PolicyBee, a trusted small business insurance broker with an excellent reputation. They have a dedicated beauty team who understand the industry and can help and support you with your insurance.
  • They offer annual beauty insurance cover which can be paid on a monthly basis, for no extra cost! That’s right – they do not charge any interest to split those payments across the year. Or you can of course pay a one-off balance if this is how you prefer to pay.
  • Treatment Liability & Professional Liability insurance will get you £1million in cover for as little as £5.55 a month!
  • If you get your insurance through us, not only will you get up to 15% off the insurance itself, but you will also be eligible for a 10% discount on all products. *Cannot be combined with any other offers*
  • We make finding an insurance policy easier and quicker.