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How to Style Coloured Lashes

How to Style Coloured Lashes

There are various ways to style coloured lashes. It is important to pick a style which matches your clients needs and in particular the reason why they want coloured lashes. Offering coloured lashes to clients means you can offer a larger range of treatments and can charge for this as an add on to a standard treatment. Coloured lashes are becoming increasingly popular so it is helpful to see the different ways you can style them. 

A Splash of Colour

Adding just a touch of colour is the most common style used with coloured lashes. This is where the majority are black lashes with a few coloured fans thrown in, usually 3/4 of the way along the lash line. This is a great subtle option for customers who want to try coloured lashes for the first time or for those who just want a small amount of colour for a particular event.

Splash of Colour Lash

Check out this set using white with black lashes by @BlossomBeautyByElishaMai. The contrast of two extremes makes the coloured lashes stand out, even though there is only a few of them. Alternatively, you can add splashes of colour at different points of the lash line.

A Splash of colour lashes

For example, in the photo above, @lashedbyvivianna has used red coloured lashes at the front of the set whilst adding some lash decals to the ends.

Pink Splashes of Colour Lashes

Alternatively go the complete other end like @louisewatlingbeauty did with this beautiful set, adding pink coloured lashes onto the end of the set to give it that flick of colour. 

Stripy Coloured

Choose 2 colours to combine together to create a stripy set and alternate between them. For a more dramatic effect choose two coloured lashes and alternate on every natural lash. To create more of a subtle stripy look, lash in blocks so you are alternating less frequently between colours. For example, see the set created below by @kylashes using blue coloured lashes with black lash extensions.

Stripy Coloured Lash

Multi Coloured

Looking for an extreme coloured lash look? Why not try multi-coloured! Combine various different colours to create a striking look. Pick different shades of the same colour or completely different ones to create a unique design. See below a multi coloured set designed by @beautybubble.syd, for this set she has used a combination of different colours but blended the shades in a gradient (Pink, Purple, Blue, Green, Yellow & Orange).

Multi-coloured Lash

Spiked Colour

To create this design use longer lengths of coloured lashes to create spikes throughout your set. This will create a wispy set with the spikes really standing out against the other lashes due to the colour and length. See a spiked set using orange, yellow and pink by @studio8bynicky below.

Spiked Coloured Set

Single Colour

Choosing the colour is the most important step, as using a single colour can make it stand out and be bold or can also be surprisingly subtle. This style, when dramatic, is great for occasions such as; parties, photoshoots, runways etc. It is also great for matching lashes to personal features such as brown lashes for brown eyes and hair, as shown in the set below by @lashesbytcrow_. Using a single colour is easy to do as you lash normally but just use a different colour. 

Brown Lashes

Layered Coloured Lashes

Create layers of different colours for a unique look. You can choose to do the bottom or top layer in colour and the other in black. This adds a hint of colour and can also create a coloured eyeliner effect. Check out the set we created here at Pinkfishes HQ, using our blue coloured lashes in layers combined with black eyelash extensions.