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Training with Pinkfishes - Choosing the right course for you!

Training with Pinkfishes - Choosing the right course for you! 

In this blog we talk about everything you need to know about Pinkfishes Training Courses, how becoming your own boss will change your life and how to choose the right course for you. So let's get straight into it!!!

What courses does Pinkfishes Offer? 

Pinkfishes training academy offers a range of amazing eyelash and eyebrow courses. Most of these courses are accessible to everyone, at any stage in their beauty journey, without any prior experience!  

The following courses are perfect for beginners (with no prior experience): 

Advanced Lash Course (Combined Classic & Russian Volume)

Classic Lash Course

Classic & Pre-Fan Lash Course

Lash Lift & Tint Course

Eyebrow Shaping & Tinting Course

Brow Lamination including Shaping & Tinting Course

Henna Brows including Shaping & Tinting Course


We also offer the following courses that do require some prior experience: 

Russian Volume Lash Course (Requires Classic Lash qualification)

Henna Brow Course (Requires Eyebrow Shaping & Tinting qualification)

Brow Lamination Course(Requires Eyebrow Shaping & Tinting qualification)

Combined Lash Lift & Brow Lamination Course (Requires Eyebrow Shaping & Tinting qualification)

Mega Volume Lash Course (Requires Russian Volume qualification, held for at least 6 months)

Benefits of Training Courses with Pinkfishes

There are many benefits included in Pinkfishes courses that make our eyelash and eyebrow courses different from other training academies, which include the following; 

15% OFF products for 3 months after your training course

10% OFF all future courses booked with Pinkfishes

1-2 hours FREE mentoring with one of out Trainers within 3 months of your course (timings dependant on course)

Full Kits worth up to £240 (kit price dependant on course)

Life Long support from the Pinkfishes Team

Small Classes with a MAX of 4 students per course at a time

Why should you become a Lash or Brow Technician?

‘Sunday Scaries’ are a real thing. 

For anyone that has ever experienced the ‘Sunday Scaries’ and go to sleep dreading a full week of work ahead … We are here to tell you that you can live a life without that gut-wrenching Sunday Night feeling by doing something you LOVE!

Becoming a Lash/Brow Technician means that YOU are in control of your working hours, how many days you work a week and best of all, your own income! 

No more deadlines or working pay check to pay check, you will be able to earn an income immediately when your start lashing, decide your own treatment timings and prices so you know exactly how long you will be working and how much you are earning day-to-day! 

Being your own boss will also allow you to live a very flexible life. Why not start your day a little later so you can get out of the house for that walk you’ve been meaning to go on, or take a Monday off so you can book an extended weekend away with a loved one. Oppositely work a Saturday for some extra money or evenings as well to add to your income.  Whatever you decide to do will be your choice, no more requesting time off for appointments or holidays, the decision is yours! 

You will have the freedom to be selective with who you take on as a client and who you are spending your working days with. You have the power to make it an enjoyable and safe working environment. You get to meet so many new people and build amazing relationships with your clients if you choose to do so. Building good relations with your clients is the best way to ensure they feel comfortable during their appointments and in turn will most likely result in them always coming back to you! 

The Lash industry is always evolving, meaning there is so much room for new talent! Many lash/brow technicians also choose to do this part time or on the side of a full time job. If you’ve ever considered changing your career and don’t know where to start, joining us on a training course might just be the start of the rest of your life. 

The reality of being your own boss as a Lash/Brow Tech

Being a Lash/Brow Technician comes with some amazing benefits as we have already highlighted above, however there are a lot of other aspects that also need to be considered. Running a lash/brow business comes with a lot of hidden responsibilities which you should consider listed below; 
Legally setting up your own official business -You will have to register your business officially and make sure you are managing your own accounts including taxes, expenses etc. 
Insurance -You will need to ensure you are purchasing the correct beauty insurance to cover yourself. This will be different for everyone as it depends on the amount of cover as well as other factors for example what treatments you offer, if you are mobile etc. This will need to be renewed usually annually. Pinkfishes have partnered with PolicyBee to offer discounted beauty insurance - get your quote here.
Admin - You will most likely be in control of your own admin which could include tasks such as booking in clients, answering questions about your services, dealing with deposits and cancellations, writing your company policies,  keeping client records with personal info and patch test information. 
Marketing - To attract new clients you may have to do some marketing. This could include having your own social media pages and creating content, posting photos of your work, creating deals and promotions to attract clients etc. 
Pricing - You will need to price your treatments correctly taking into account the cost of running your business, competitors prices in your local area, the quality of your work etc. 
Customer Service -It can be tiring having back to back clients all day as many will want to have conversations with you. You will also have to deal with any complaints after treatments if you get them. 
Ordering/Stock Take -You will have to make sure you have bought all the products required for the treatments you offer. We would always recommend having a spare eyelash extension glue on hand in case you run out - or sign up to our glue subscription service so you know you are getting your adhesive regularly. 
Setting Boundaries - You need to make sure you don't 'burn out' by over working yourself. As you won't have set hours you'll need to motivate yourself to work without over working yourself which can be difficult to manage. 
Training - Even after you have done your initial training it is important to always re-train and brush up on your knowledge to re-fresh yourself and learn more skills. It is great to be able to offer more unique/technical sets and add to your treatments in order to be attractive for more clients. 
Now, although this list might seem like a lot, all of these things are very easy to do once you get into the swing of things and learn how you like to run your business.
You will learn how you like to manage your business and what works best for you. This list is just to show you that becoming your own boss is more than just completing a training course with us. (But that’s a great place to start!)

Choosing the right Lash or Brow Course

So now you have a little more knowledge on what becoming a Lash/Brow Technician and being your own boss has to offer, what’s stopping you? 

Take our quick Flow Chart Quiz to see what course will be right for you: