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Henna Brow Troubleshooting

Henna Brow Troubleshooting

Have you recently trained in Henna Brows?

Or is it something you have been offering for a while, but sometimes you don’t quite get the results you want? Here are some of our top troubleshooting tips to perfect your results every time!

How long should the henna sit on the skin before removal?

Ideally you want to leave the henna on for the full processing time (15-20 minutes) to get the full effect of the colour. It can be applied for less time to obtain a lighter colour, however this will mean that the colour won’t last as long on the skin. Also, if you take the colour off too early, it can sometimes leave a greenish-yellowish glow.
I left the henna on for 15 minutes but there was no stain on the skin – why?

If the area wasn’t properly cleaned and prepped, then the oils on the skin can stop the henna from soaking into the skin. It is really important that you remove all traces of makeup and properly prep the skin with the Skin Prep Lotion to ensure all oils are removed. Make sure the brows are dried before applying the henna, as if the skin is still wet the henna wont soak in as well. When applying the henna, make sure you move the brush in both directions so that the hair and skin is properly saturated in the henna.

My clients’ brows have ended up with a red tinge – why?

If your client used self-tanning products in the area before the treatment or got a spray tan then this can cause the henna to come out a reddish colour. Advise your client to avoid using any type of tan for 2 weeks before the henna treatment to prevent the reaction from occurring.

I have used a shade that’s too light for my client – what can I do?

We always recommend checking the colour partway through a treatment if you are unsure if the colour is correct. This way, you will keep the shape of the brow in place, and can reapply a second layer if need be. After applying the first layer, you can almost immediately apply a second layer over the to make it a darker colour. Remember you can also mix the different shades to obtain the perfect colour for your client. If you get to the end of the treatment and realise that the shade is too light, then you will need to wait 6-8 weeks before reapplying the product. This is why we really recommend checking partway through to ensure you achieve the right colour for your client.

Why could my clients brows be fading faster than stated?

Water and sweat will cause them to fade faster. If they go to the gym a lot, make sure to manage their expectations prior to the treatment. They need to be aware that they need to keep their brows dry for 12-24 hours after the treatment, and even after then, no scrubs or peels can be used on the brow area.
If the client has particularly oily skin, this can also cause the henna tint to fade quicker.
It could also be down to something you may have done in the treatment, so make sure that you have checked all the following too;

The skin was still moist from the pre-cleansing.

The henna was applied too thinly, so that the skin wasn’t completely covered under the brow hairs.

The skin was not properly prepped and cleansed.

The colour of henna was too light for the client’s skin.

The client has minimal brow hairs and as the tint lasts less time on the skin it will fade quicker than if there was hair there.

The henna has come out too dark - what can I do?

This can happen, if the hairs are slightly on the fairer side they will absorb the henna much quicker, and so can therefore come out a lot darker. It is quite difficult to lighten the brow hairs after treatment so it is always better to air on the side of caution and check after 5/10 minutes if you are unsure.
Using a cotton pad, you can wipe some of the tint remover across the brows at the end of the treatment to try and lift some of the colour out. Although this will mainly work on the skin and not as much on the hairs.

So hopefully now you will know exactly how to prevent any issues from coming up or know exactly what you need to do when an issue does arise.

Have you come across any other problems that you’ve not quite known how to fix? Let us know and we will do our best to help!