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Airtight Glue Storage Tank with Hygrometer

This 'Airtight Glue Storage Tank with Hygrometer' is great for keeping your eyelash adhesive in.

The Hygrometer is built into the lid so can read the temperature and humidity of your lash room, and display the results in real time on the digital lid.

Eyelash adhesives need to be stored in their ideal conditions to work their best. Check with the manufacturer of your adhesive to find out your particular adhesive's ideal conditions to be stored in.

 If your room is too cold, it will usually mean that your humidity will drop and cause your glue to take even longer to cure. Try warming up your room by turning up the temperature. You can also get a humidifier to add moisture to the air. Alternatively try using a faster curing adhesive.

If your room is too hot, this usually means that your humidity will rise and cause your adhesive to cure much quicker than usual. Try lowering the temperature of your room by covering windows from direct sunlight, using a fan or air-conditioning. If your humidity is too high, you can get a dehumidifier or you could try using a slower curing glue to help combat the faster drying speed.


1 x AG13 Battery Included