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What are Wet Lashes?

What are Wet Lashes?

In the lash industry there are various trends when it comes to lash extensions and the new kid on the block is the 'wet lash look'. Wet lashes are exactly what the name suggests - lash extensions that look wet. They are a much thicker and bolder style of extensions, compared to a standard set of classic extensions. 

Up until recently you would typically make your 'wet lash' spikes with your standard lash trays, using a primer at the tips of the lashes on the strip to hold them together in a spike formation - creating the 'wet look'. Using 0.03, 0.05 or 0.07 Russian lash trays and picking up between 3-8 lashes will allow you to create the perfect wet lash set. 

Pinkfishes have recently stocked Pre-Made Wet Lashes! This will speed up your treatment time as this will eliminate the need to make your Wet Lash spikes as you go, and you can start lashing straight away! 

What clients would suit Wet Lashes?

If you love a classic lash set or even a hybrid set, but want to try something with a bit more texture and something that is a little more dramatic - then Wet Lashes might be for you! Wet Lashes are essentially spiked fans, so can be heavier than a normal classic lash (depending on the style). Therefore, your client would need naturally healthy lashes to be able to hold the weight and to ensure the spikes don't cause any breakage or damage to the natural lashes.

How long do Wet Lashes last?

Wet Lash looks last as long as any other lash set would last as they are applied the same way you would apply a normal fan/lash extension. Each set will last around 2-3 weeks before needing an infill, with the proper aftercare. You should care for your Wet Lashes like you would with any other type of lash extensions - brushing and cleaning them with a cleanser daily.  

How do I apply Pre-Made Wet Lashes?

You apply our Pre-Made Wet Lashes as you would a regular classic lash with 1:1 application. Simply remove a spike of lashes from the strip of wet lashes and dip the spike into the adhesive (coating at least 1/3 of the spike). Isolate the natural lash and apply the spike as you would a classic lash.

How do I make my own Wet Lashes?

 To make your own wet lash spikes get your 0.03, 0.05 or 0.07 volume lashes and dip them in glue while the fan is still closed. 

Top Tips:

Be consistent with your pick up - depending on the style you want and the thickness of lashes you are using, you should aim to pick up between 3-8 lashes in a spike formation. If applying your wet lashes across the whole eye (instead of using a few as spikes in combination with Russian fans) you want to make sure they are even in thickness. Using a lighter thickness and less lashes within the spike will protect your clients lashes and create a lighter set. Using more lashes within the spike will create a thicker, bolder look. 

Use enough adhesive - less is not more. Spikes tend to pop off easier than fans would as they can have a larger base. So when dipping your spike in your adhesive, make sure to coat the spike with enough adhesive to ensure the glue holds the spike closed. 

Longer drying time - spikes take a little longer to dry than normal fans as we are using more glue to attach it to the natural lash. To make sure they don't stick to the pad or the other lashes around it, hold your isolation around the spike for a few more seconds than you normally would.


    How do I Style the Pinkfishes Wet Lashes?

    (Style 1: Using Pre-Made Wet Lash spikes across the whole eye)

    One way to style our new Wet Lashes is applying your spikes across the whole eye, like you would apply classic lashes. Using the 1:1 method with the wet lash spikes will give that full effect of a WET look. The finished result should look like your client has wet lashes.

    (Style 2Using the Pre-Made Wet Lashesas part of a spiked set)

    Another way you can style our new Pre-Made Wet Lashes is creating a spiked set. To create this look, map out where you would want to put your spikes by evenly marking them across both eyes. The more spikes you use, the wispier the set. To create a spiked set, you want to use spikes that are 2-3mm longer than the surrounding fans. Once the spikes are placed, fill in the surrounding areas with Russian fans according to the lengths in your standard lash map. 

    What Wet Lashes do Pinkfishes stock?

    Pinkfishes Pre-Made Wet Lashes are now available in a 0.05 thickness in either a C or D curl. Each box contains 16 rows of mixed length wet lashes (2 rows of each length ranging from 8-15mm). Pinkfishes wet lash trays are £12.95 each. 


    How much should I charge for a set of Wet Lashes? 

    Wet Lashes are similar to classic lashes as you apply them with 1:1 application but they are made with Russian lashes. However they aren't your typical full, fluffy set of Russian lashes - so what price can we charge for this treatment?

    As everyone's prices can vary depending on area, experience etc, we would recommend basing your price off of the amount of time it takes you to complete a set. So if you usually charge £50 for a set of classic lashes that takes 2 hours, and a set of wet lashes take you 2.5 hours, maybe look at charging £65 for a Wet lash look. This will cover the extra time taken. 

    The cost of products is only marginally different hence we have not included this in the calculations. A standard box of Russian lash trays at Pinkfishes is £10.95 and our Pre-made Wet Lashes our £12.95. If you were making your own wet lashes you would also need to use primer and microfibre sticks hence the prices will work out very similar. 

    Let us know how you like to use our Pre-Made Wet Lashes and be sure to tag @pinkfisheslashco in all of your beautiful lash pics and videos!


    Happy lashing…