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The Ultimate 'Spiked Lash' Guide

The Ultimate 'Spiked Lash' Guide

If you are a Lash Tech looking to offer spiky/wispy sets, then this blog is for you!
Adding spikes into your lash sets can up your lash game massively and attract a much wider variety of clients. Among the diverse range of lash styles, spiked lash extensions stand out for their bold, edgy appeal. In this blog we will delve into everything you need to know about spiked lash extensions. Whether you're a very experienced lash technician or have recently trained and are still finding your feet, this blog will help equip you with the knowledge and inspiration to elevate your lash game to a whole new level!
Let’s start off strong and dive right into the spiked style that has recently taken the lash industry by storm… 

(Manga Lash Set, LASH ARTIST: @beautypark_eyelashes)


Manga eyelash extensions are a style of spiked lash extensions inspired by the wide-eyed, expressive characters in Japanese manga comics and anime. These extensions are characterised by their dramatic length, curl, and volume, aiming to create a bold, doll-like effect reminiscent of manga characters.
Despite their bold appearance, manga eyelash extensions can also be customised to suit a variety of preferences and styles. Clients can choose from different lengths, curls, and thicknesses to achieve their desired look, whether they prefer a subtle manga-inspired look or a more intense and exaggerated effect.
Using different curls, lengths and thicknesses throughout your manga lashes can help to elongate and lift the eyes, creating a more wide-eyed appearance. This can be particularly flattering for clients with hooded, monolid or downturned eyes, as it helps to open up the eye area and create the illusion of larger, more expressive eyes.
Manga eyelash extensions are especially popular for special occasions and events such as cosplay conventions where clients want to look like specific Anime/Manga characters. Offering manga eyelash extensions allows clients to express their creativity and individuality through their lash look. Whether they're channelling their favourite anime character or simply want to experiment with a bold and playful style, Manga eyelash extensions offer a fun and unique way to express themselves!
Here's some top tips on what lengths, curls and thicknesses are best to create manga Lashes:
  • Length: Opt for longer lash extensions for the spikes to achieve the exaggerated length characteristic of Manga lashes. Extensions ranging from 10mm to 15mm or even longer can be used, depending on the client's natural lash length/health and desired look. Here at Pinkfishes we stock lashes up to 20mm in length
  • Curl: Choose a curl that adds lift and opens the eyes. C, CC or D-curl is typically recommended for manga lash extensions, as they still provide a curl that lifts the lashes upwards and creates a wide-eyed effect. You don't want a curl that is too flat as this style is intended to open the eye, you also don't want a curl that is too curly either as you need space for longer spikes and don't want them curling back onto the eyelid. 
  • Thickness: We recommend opting for a slightly thicker Russian lash extension to add volume and intensity to the lash line and spikes. Using a 0.07 - 0.05 thickness is ideal for creating manga lashes, as they allow you to manipulate the final result, whether your client wants a fuller more dramatic manga set or a lighter set. You can use your 0.07 / 0.05 lashes to create both open and closed fans to determine the thickness of the set. For example, using 0.05 lashes to create thicker open fans across the lower layer of lashes will create a darker lash line effect, pairing this with 4-5 lashes in closed 0.05 fans to create the longer spikes will make the Manga lashes much more prominent and dramatic. However, if your client wants a more natural look you can use closed fans across the eye-line both on the bottom and top layers in a 0.05, this will allow you to create a very light and natural set of Manga lashes as seen in the example image above. You can create the lighter lashes using 2-3 lashes per closed fan in a 0.05 thickness which will give a more 'classic' manga lash appearance. It is also important to consider the client's natural lashes and eye shape to ensure that the thickness of the extensions complements their features and doesn't overwhelm their eyes/natural lashes.
  • Layering: As mentioned above, to enhance the manga effect, you should layer the extensions utilising each natural lash layer to create a fuller and more voluminous look. To enhance the lash layers you can use a technique such as feathering (using both open and closed fans) to create a dense and textured lash line if this is your desired result, or you can use thinner closed fans on each layer to create a lighter more natural look.
  • Customisation: Tailor the length, curl, and thickness of the extensions to suit the client's individual preferences and eye shape. Consult with the client to understand their desired look and adjust the extensions accordingly to achieve the perfect Manga-inspired lashes.
By playing around with the length, curl, and thickness of the extensions to suit the client's preferences, you can create stunning Manga lash extensions that enhance the eyes and make a super bold statement.

(Soft Wispy Spiked Lash Set, LASH ARTIST: @bychloewalton)


Soft, wispy, thin spikes are a fantastic choice to incorporate into a set of eyelash extensions for so many reasons. They add a very natural wisp to the set, especially when using a thinner thickness lash (0.07/0.10 - as seen in the image above). 
Thin spikes mimic the delicate texture of natural lashes, creating a soft and natural-looking enhancement. If you are creating a natural spiked set or if a client wants to try a spiked set for the first time this style of spike might be a great place to start. This subtle approach to spiked lash extensions can help the extensions blend seamlessly with the client's own lashes, resulting in a beautifully enhanced yet understated appearance.
Here are a few benefits of using soft, wispy spikes throughout your lash sets: 
  • Subtle Volume: Thin, wispy spikes add volume and length to the lashes without overwhelming the set. The wispy texture creates a feathery effect that enhances the overall volume of the lashes while maintaining a light feel. This subtle volume is ideal for clients who prefer a more natural look or want to enhance their lashes without appearing too dramatic.
  • Softness and Comfort: Thin spikes are lightweight and soft, making them a comfortable addition to your sets, unlike thicker spikes, which can sometimes feel noticeably heavier and if they are too heavy for the client’s natural lashes, they could potentially cause discomfort.
  • Versatility: Soft, wispy spikes offer versatility in styling, allowing clients to achieve a range of looks from subtle to glamorous, whilst still feeling lightweight. Perfect for those clients wanting to enhance their everyday look with a touch of fluttery volume, thin spikes can be tailored to suit their desired aesthetic.
 (Layered, Dramatic Spiked Lash Set, LASH ARTIST: @hattierosebeauty)


Using dark, thicker spikes in a lash extension set offers several benefits that create a striking and impactful lash look, such as enhanced definition, increased volume, and are a very bold statement for your clients wanting all the drama... Whether they are aiming for a dramatic evening look or are wanting to turn a few heads, then dramatic spiked lash extensions are the perfect option!

Here are a few benefits of creating a bold, layered spiked lash set:

  • Drama: More dramatic spiked eyelash extensions offer a striking and bold aesthetic that is perfect for those clients seeking bolder lashes. To create this style of spiked set you would use slightly thicker and more obvious spikes that instantly amplify the volume and intensity of the lashes, for example, a 0.07 thickness pre-made spiked lash or a handmade closed spike using 0.07 lashes.
  • Dimension: The bolder spikes add depth and dimension to the eyes, especially if each layer of the natural lashes have a spike on, this will create a much more prominent, dark spike. Using all three layers of natural lashes; upper, middle, and lower, will allow you to achieve a fuller and more voluminous appearance, enhancing the overall density and intensity of the lashes. The extensions can be staggered and layered to create depth and texture. As a result, the spiked lash extensions appear thicker, fuller and deliver an eye-catching and dramatic effect that instantly transforms the eyes.
  • Increased Volume: Thicker and layered spikes contribute to overall lash volume, making the eyes appear fuller and much more voluminous. The added density creates a lush and glamorous lash look.
  • Bold Statement: Dark, thicker spikes allow your clients to express their confidence and personality through their lash look. However, these dramatic spiked setsmight have you going about your day with a little too much confidence…
  • Versatile Styling: While dark, thicker spikes create a bold and dramatic look, they can also be tailored to suit a variety of styles and preferences. Whether you prefer a subtle enhancement or a more intense lash effect, these extensions can absolutely be customised to achieve your desired aesthetic, for example how many spikes you decide to have throughout the set of lashes can impact how dramatic they end up. 

 (Textured Lash Set, LASH ARTIST: @dellashious_UK)


Textured spiked lash extensions create a stunning look by combining different thicknesses and curls to create a more textured appearance in comparison to other spiked lash extensions. This style of lashes is also commonly known as the ‘strip lash look’ which has become increasingly popular in the lash industry.

Using different curls and thicknesses of lashes is essential when creating a textured spiked set for several reasons. Firstly, varying the curl types such as C, CC & D, or D & U curls in a set of lashes adds so much more dimension and depth, enhancing the overall texture and creating an almost asymmetrical look for those clients that like an ‘effortless’ messy look. 
Secondly, incorporating different thicknesses of lash extensions ranging from fine lashes to ultra-volume, allows for the creation of contrast and dimension within the spiked set. Thicker extensions add density and drama to the lashes, while finer extensions contribute to a softer, more feathery appearance. By combining these different curl types and thicknesses strategically, lash technicians can achieve a textured spiked set that is dramatic and uniquely tailored to enhance the client's eye shape and desired look. This careful consideration of curl and thickness variation ensures that the textured spiked set of eyelash extensions appears beautiful and bold and also in some cases can appear quite natural if that is what the client desires, resulting in a stunning and eye-catching final result.

 (Glitter & Coloured Spiked Set, LASH ARTIST: @molbeautyx) 


Using coloured and glitter spikes throughout a set of lash extensions not only allows you to unleash your creativity as a lash tech, build your portfolio and show clients what you can do, they also allow your clients to express themselves, enhance their natural beauty with a touch of glamour and sparkle and are also great for creating spiked looking sets! Whether your clients are aiming for a bold and dramatic look or a subtle and whimsical vibe, Glitter/Coloured Spikes offer endless possibilities for beautiful lash looks that are sure to turn heads wherever your client’s go.

Here are some reasons why adding Glitter/Coloured spikes can improve your lash sets:

  1. Expression of Personality: Coloured and Glitter spikes offer an opportunity to express your unique style and personality. Whether your clients opt for bold, vibrant colours or subtle, shimmering glitters, these embellishments allow them to make a statement and showcase their individuality.
  2. Versatility in Styling: Coloured and Glitter spikes provide endless possibilities for creative styling. You can choose colours and glitter shades that complement your client’s eye colour, outfit, or mood, allowing them to have a customised look for any occasion.
  3. Eye-Catching Effect: The addition of coloured and glitter spikes creates a dazzling and eye-catching effect that instantly draws attention to your clients eyes. Whether they are attending a party/celebration, or simply want to stand out in a crowd in everyday life, these cute little spike additions will ensure that all eyes are on them.
  4. Playful and Fun: Coloured and Glitter spikes inject a sense of playfulness and fun into your lash look and separate you from all the other average Lash Techs. They add a touch of whimsy and sparkle that can elevate your clients mood and make you feel like a true beauty queen.
In conclusion there are many different variations of spiked lash extensions that you can offer your clients, from classic and voluminous to colourful and sparkly. Whether you're looking to make a bold statement or enhance the natural beauty with a subtle touch of spike, there's a spiked lash extension style to suit your clients' unique personalities and aesthetic preferences.