Lash Myths Exposed

Lash Myths Exposed

Take a look as we dive into 8 of the most common questions and myths that come up in the lash industry and find out whether any of these myths are actually true. We think a few of these might just surprise you!

1. You can’t get your lashes wet….ever!

False! The only period of time that you won’t be able to get your lash extensions wet are 24 hours after the treatment. This is to ensure that the glue is fully cured and that all fumes are dissolved, so that you are much less likely to get stingy eyes once they do get wet. It also ensures that the glue cures correctly, and not too quickly. When the adhesive is exposed to too much moisture it can cause shock polymerisation, which is when the glue goes white. This means that the glue isn’t in its proper form and so therefore the retention of your lashes won’t be as long as it really should be.

Other than the first 24 hours however, your eyelashes should be washed regularly to remove any makeup, oils and dead skin build up along the lash line. Depending on how much makeup you wear, how active you are, and what your skin composition is, depends on how often you should be washing your lashes. But for someone that wears make-up daily, they would benefit from washing their lashes daily.

Some lash adhesive manufacturers do state that you can get your lashes wet instantly providing you are using a product to seal the lashes (such as our Pink Elixir or Nano Mister). Check with your adhesive guidelines for what they recommend. Although we do recommend the use of an elixir at the end of a treatment, we do still recommend waiting 24 hours before getting them wet.

Cleaning your lashes regularly ensures that all the dirt and oils, which can overtime break down the glue, is removed – leading to improved retention. It is especially important for Russian/hybrid extensions to ensure that the fans continue to keep their fluffy appearance, rather than clumping together.


2. Eyelash extensions damage your natural lashes and make them shorter

This is a lie! Well, not entirely true anyway. It is true that extensions can damage your natural lashes if done incorrectly. However, a good lash tech, with proper training, should never apply lashes that can damage your natural lashes.

We must take into consideration the health of the natural lash, to ensure that we don’t apply a lash that is too heavy for the individual lash, and make sure that every lash is isolated correctly. This will ensure that the lash grows out properly with the lash growth cycle and stop any other lashes from being prematurely plucked out. Assuming that this is the case each time you get your lashes done, and that you follow the proper aftercare, eyelash extensions will never damage your natural lashes.

It is also vitally important that you/your clients do not pick or rub the eyelash extensions once they have been applied. As this will effect the health of your natural lash by prematurely plucking them, or generally making them a lot weaker in situ. And to any clients out there – we can always tell when you’ve been picking at your lashes!! So, make sure to keep those hands away from your extensions.

3. Removing extensions is painful

Absolutely not. Providing it is done in the correct way, using a proper remover and not by pulling the lashes out, or picking them off. Lash extensions need to be removed by a professional using a gel or cream remover designed specifically to remove eyelash extensions. These products are applied to the base of the extension, where the glue is applied, to dissolve the glue so that the extensions just gently wipe off the natural lashes with no damage or pain whatsoever.

4. Extensions are uncomfortable

If your lashes feel uncomfortable, or if they bother you, then they probably haven’t been applied correctly. During your appointment, you may feel a slight burning sensation from the adhesive fumes, but this should stop very quickly afterwards. If it does cause a bit of stinging however, an Air Blower or Nano Mister can help disperse the fumes to stop the stinging sensation.

Although for most people, the eyelash extension treatment is a relaxing experience, whereby a lot of clients actually fall asleep during the treatment!

5. You have to take breaks from eyelash extensions

Lash breaks are not essential when lash extensions are applied correctly. Each extension is applied to one natural lash, and then is either removed and reapplied as the lash grows, or sheds along with it. So, the natural lashes are kept in their healthy state. So long as your lash technician isolates correctly and only applies an extension to a healthy natural lash (as applying to a baby lash can affect it growing healthily).

You will need to ensure you are following the correct aftercare as well, otherwise you may be required to have a fresh set. Especially if there is a significant build up of make-up and dirt, so make sure to regularly clean your lashes. If you are someone who regularly gets their lashes done, try out our Aftercare Kits, which include everything you will need to properly cleanse your lashes. Or if you are a lash technician, these could be a great product to upsell and make a bit of extra profit from your clients. You could also offer your clients Aftercare Cards so that they can take the aftercare advice home with them. 

6. Eyelash extensions can cause infections around and in the eye

To some degree, this is correct - without following the proper after care and cleaning, eye infections can develop due to a build up of dirt and bacteria around the eye. If you do not keep them clean, then dirt and bacteria can build up and seep into open hair follicles causing infections such as a sty. It is also really important that you don’t keep touching your extensions with your fingers, as this can cause a transfer of dirt and bacteria from your hands to your lashes causing eye infections.  Especially if you start picking your lashes with dirty (or clean) hands too.

Picking your lashes means that you are pulling out the extensions, and your natural lashes attached to them, before they are ready to shed. So, until that follicle is at the point in the lash cycle where it is ready to fill the follicle with a new eyelash, that follicle will be left open to all sorts of bacteria and dirt. If these follicles do end up getting dirt and oils in them, you can start getting styes and other infections in the follicles which can be quite painful!

However, providing you follow all aftercare given to you by your eyelash technician – keeping them clean and keeping your hands away from them, then you shouldn’t be susceptible to any infections in or around the eye.

7. You don’t have to do anything to them

Quite the contrary – lash extensions are fairly high maintenance. Firstly, you need to be regularly cleaning and brushing your lashes to ensure they stay clean and looking beautiful. It ensures that all the dirt and oils that build up naturally on your lashes won’t effect the look of the extensions. Brushing them will keep all of the lashes in the right place and will encourage natural shedding. When our natural lashes fall out as part of their growth cycle, it is possible for them to get caught up with the extensions around them and sit there unnecessarily. So, brushing them regularly with a mascara brush will ensure that these have shed properly and keep your lashes looking nice!

Secondly, your lashes will need to be maintained every 2-3 weeks. Some people can get away with longer, but others not quite as long depending on your natural growth cycle. This means going back to your lash technician for an infill to remove any outgrown extensions and fill in all of the gaps in your lashes. These appointments will be shorter than your original full-set appointment, however you should allow 1-1.5hrs every couple of weeks to keep your lashes properly maintained. It’s also a really good habit to keep on top of your appointments and book them in with your lash technician in advance – as we all know there’s nothing worse than realising your next appointment isn’t booked in and you are down to your last few fans hanging on for dear life!

8. Extensions are permanent and last forever

As much as we all wish this was true, unfortunately it is not. Eyelash extensions are applied to our natural lashes and so no matter how amazingly strong and permanent the glue is, the extension will only last as long as the natural lash will.

Our natural lashes have a growth cycle which means that they are constantly growing, falling out and regrowing again. So, when we attach an extension, depending on what stage of the growth cycle that particular natural lash is in, depends how long the extension will last.

Other things do also come into play too, like retention of the glue, application, aftercare, and health factors that may speed up the lash cycle. So unfortunately, lash extensions are never going to last forever.


So there we have it, some of the 8 most common myths that float around in the lash industry exposed! Have you heard anything else in the industry that you are unsure of, or would like to know if it’s true or not? Get in touch with us in the office, or on Instagram @pinkfisheslashco and we’ll do our best to help you.

Thank you so much for reading… Don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled for our next blog coming out soon!