How to Grow your Clientele

How to Grow your Clientele

Feeling like your lash diaries could be fuller? Here are a few tips and tricks to get those appointments filled up all year round.

Social Media

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Probably the most used way of getting new clients is to have a social media presence. The more platforms used the greater audience you can reach, but remember to stay active and continuously post content to keep people engaged with your pages. Instagram, Facebook & TikTok are great for showcasing your work, displaying your prices and offer various ways for prospective clients to contact you.

When I started out lashing I solely promoted my business via Instagram and got the majority of customers by sharing my page to friends and family and asking them to re-share. Posting great customer photos and reviews on your socials will also encourage new clients to book in with you as it can build trust and a good reputation for your business. Some clients will want to visually see the quality and style of your work before booking in, so be sure to take photos of your work with good angles and lighting.

Join Online Groups

Similarly to setting up social media pages, it is great to join groups relating to beauty and lashing, especially ones specifically for the location you are based in. For example some great groups to join on Facebook are 'Friendly Lash Tech Support Group UK' & 'ATB Hair & Beauty.' This is because people are always posting looking for appointments, mobile lash techs etc. You can respond to these directly and get more clients coming your way.

Google My Business & Website

Google My Business 2
Google My Business

This is a FREE tool to use to make your bus iness appear on search engines. You can create a business profile which will then display a broad range of information for potential clients. For example the 'Google My Business' profile of Pinkfishes is displayed below.

It shows information which is likely to attract prospective customers when they are searching on the internet. It displays things such as our location, the products and services we offer, a link to our website, ways to contact us, reviews from previous customers, opening hours and our social media accounts etc.

By using this service, when local prospective customers are searching for a product or service you happen to offer, your page would be displayed. They are therefore more likely to come across your business and can find out much more information instantly.

It will also improve your customer satisfaction going forward as clients will know when they can contact you and how. This is the same for a website, having a page with information about your business and the services you offer will open up another window of opportunity for new clients to come across your business. 

Leaflets, Flyers & Signs

Now these methods can be more timely and expensive than the options we have listed above but can be very effective. For example, having a sign made outside your business, particularly if you are a salon and have a footfall, can attract people passing by to stop and notice your business. Handing out flyers or leaflets or posting them through letterboxes can also be a great way to get your business known. This is particularly great to do in your local area as these are customers who are more likely to come to you due to location.

Offers & Discounts

A quick way to get new clients through the door is to put on a discount or an offer. Especially when starting out, you will need to build up a clientele and introductory prices are a great way to do this. However you do have to consider your time and the costs you incur as you do not want the treatment to be costing you money! You also do not want to devalue your services by offering them too cheaply so make sure these discounts work for you. A great example of some discounts which continuously encourage clients to come back are loyalty cards. For example on your 5th visit get 25% OFF, this will encourage clients to keep coming back for infills so that they get the discount. Referral schemes are also great to encourage word of mouth recommendations from existing clients.  For example get 10% off your next appointment if you refer a friend and they book in.

Join a salon

This tip is for those who are self employed or working at home. Joining a salon is a great option because this way you can still do lashes but don't have to find your own clients! It takes out the stress of worrying about filling up your appointment book all the time. A lot of salons will also offer commission or tips for you doing eyelash treatments. The downside to working in a salon is that you will not take 100% of the profit from the treatment as they will have overheads, wages and other costs to factor in.

Make friends with other Lash Techs

From working in the lash industry I have made lots of lash technician friends. Lash techs have a life too and will want to take time off and have holidays so it is great to have connections because they can recommend their clients to book in with you whilst they are away, busy or if they ever decide to stop doing lashes. A lot of the time eyelash technicians appointment books can be full so they can always recommend you to any new clients that they can not take on or who perhaps are closer to your area.

Booking Systems

Having an easy online booking system can promote and increase the number of appointments you get. It can look more professional and offer clients the information they need instantly such as your availability and prices without having to message you directly and wait for a response before booking. Some booking systems also then feature you on their directory, advertising your business that little bit more so that potential customers can search for the treatment in a certain area, and if you fit the bill your page is shown to them!

As you can see there are always ways to grow your clientele and these are just a few of them. So why not give a couple of them a try, and just watch your diary get fuller and fuller.