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Top 10 'Must Haves' as a Beginner Lash Tech

Top 10 'Must Haves' as a Beginner Lash Tech

There are so many products available to purchase in the lash market, it can be difficult trying to work out what you really need when you are starting out. Many lash technicians are self-employed and need to purchase all of their equipment and products from scratch and sometimes on a budget. Here at Pinkfishes we have done the research so you do not have to. We have created a list of the 'Top 10 - Must Have' items that we would recommend buying to start your lash career. 

1. Lash Bed & Stool

Salon Bed & Saddle Chair

One of the key items to purchase is a lash bed & stall to perform your treatments on. Massage beds are popular for carrying out eyelash treatments on as your clients can lie face up and flat. Make sure to purchase a foldable massage bed if you plan on being a mobile lash technician so they can be easily transported. Many massage beds also come with adjustable leg heights so you can lift or lower the bed to the suitable height for yourself, so you are not leaning or hunched over. These beds are reasonably priced and can be bought online from sites such as Amazon & eBay.

Alternatively some lash technicians use recliner chairs, as they can offer more comfort to clients and be reclined to the ideal angle to lash from. These can cost more to invest in but are usually more durable and sturdier, and are likely to last longer. Appearance wise, recliner chairs can add a touch of luxury and add to the aesthetic appeal to your lash room or salon. In terms of the best stool, we would recommend visiting a store and trying out a few chairs to find the one most comfortable for you. 

Saddle stools are a popular choice as they are designed to be ergonomic and position the spine into a more natural curve whilst also offering mobility. Many lash technicians can suffer from back pain when lashing for many hours on end, hence why getting the right stool is extremely important. Another useful feature to have on your saddle stool would be to have one with adjustable height so you can lower or raise the seat to get the right angle for each client. Another feature to consider is having a back support. This can offer comfort for yourself whilst lashing but also makes the chair bulkier and less transportable. 

2. Light/Lamp

LED Bed Clamp Light

Lighting is key when performing eyelash treatments. This is to ensure you can see your clients natural lashes and isolate correctly. Carrying out treatments without proper lighting can also cause eye strain. Although natural light is always more ideal it can not be guaranteed - for example, if you do not work near a window, when the weather is bad/cloudy, during night times etc. Here at Pinkfishes we sell a LED Bed Clamp Light. This light is adjustable and lightweight, great for mobile lash technicians on the move.

LED lighting has many benefits including energy efficiency and durability. Another popular choice for lash technicians are ring lights. These lights can be angled during treatments and can cast a lot of light over the whole face, they are also great for taking photos of your finished work to promote on your socials. The circular shape of the light casts a soft halo on your subject and matches the iris shape capturing great photos of the eye.

3. Pillow

Some eyelash treatments can take several hours, so making sure your client is comfortable is key. Pillows make the treatment more relaxing for clients, some may even have a lash nap. Pillows also help to keep clients still during the treatment, helping you lash efficiently and not have to keep readjusting to the angles they move their head in. Pinkfishes Ergonomic Memory Foam Lash Pillow comes with a number of beneficial features. The memory foam material allows clients to sink into the pillow and can adjust to the size and shape of their neck with the dipped curve support. The pillow is also designed with high flat sides so that products can be easily placed next to your clients head, for example jade stones and lash trays. The pink case is also removable and washable.

4. Lashes

Arguably the most important item on this list and sometimes the most difficult to navigate through. Here at Pinkfishes we stock over 200 variations of lashes, so we have outlined which ones we think are best to start with. When starting out we would propose purchasing mixed boxes. Mixed boxes contain several different lengths of lashes in one box. Although this may not be cost effective as you will find that you get through some lengths quicker than others, when you are starting out it is handy to have a variety of lengths so you can cover the entire lash line from the inner smaller lashes to the longer ones.

Also some clients will want shorter lengths and other longer so it is handy to have a mixture available. If you have not already done your course you should learn about the different thicknesses used to create different styles of lash extensions. You need to pick the right thickness of lashes in relation to which treatment you are carrying out.  Pinkfishes stocks the following thicknesses for particular lash extensions.

When it comes to the curl for beginners we recommend using C or D curls as these are the most popular options. C Curls are slightly more natural mimicking the curl of natural lashes, whereas a D curl offers a more dramatic lift to lash extensions. You may come across several different types of lashes, your most common ones are standard lash trays where you make the fans yourselves for Russians, however you can also get easy fan, pre-made & pro-made lashes. These are handy if you struggle to make fans yourself. Shop Pinkfishes range of lashes for extensions here.  

5. Tweezers

Straight Eyelash Tweezer

Tweezers are a lash techs best friend. These are a necessity and are used for isolating natural lashes and fanning/placing extensions onto the lashes. There are many different shapes and styles to choose from when it comes to tweezers and you need two tweezers at a time when lashing.

It mostly comes down to personal preference but when starting out the most simple tweezers to use would be a straight tweezer for isolation and a volume tweezer for fanning or picking up lashes. Watch the videos below to see how to use these tweezers.


There are several factors to consider when choosing your glue. The most important when starting out will be the drying time. Adhesives have a range of drying times and as a beginner you would ideally need a slower drying time until you get faster at the treatment. If you use a glue with a drying time that is too quick for the pace you work at, it will start to cure before you have placed the extension on the natural lash.

Other things to consider when choosing your glue will be the colour i.e. Black or Clear, the bonding time and the strength. Our Pink Radical Adhesive is our best selling glue, it is also the glue we put inside kits for new students. It has a drying time of 0.5-1 seconds, bonding of 4+ weeks and is a black strong adhesive. 


7. Glue Holder

Although your glue is important, it is also crucial to have something to hold your glue. Having your glue close to the client and lashes is ideal to perform treatments efficiently. There are a few different accessories that can be used as a glue holder, one of the most popular is a jade stone. These stones are easily cleaned and can be continuously reused by using tape or glue dots to cover them. Another popular accessory is glue rings as these can be worn on your fingers so the glue can get really close to the clients eye, but these need to be disposed of after use. This is also the case for glue palette holders. These come with perfectly dipped glue shaped grooves. This not only holds your glue but ensures you are not wasting any by providing you with holes the ideal size to fill. There are a few other ways to hold your glue but its best to find the one that works for you. 

8. Disposable Mascara Brushes

Disposable Mascara Brush Pack

Mascara brushes are used when lashing your client to untangle and neaten out the lashes. Most technicians also provide their clients with one for aftercare purposes. Clients should brush their lashes daily to avoid a build up of bacteria and to remove any makeup residue, dust, oils and other unwanted substances from the extensions which may cause them to fall out prematurely.  Disposable mascara brushes are vital to maintain the appearance of the extensions as well as aid in retention, hence why they have made it on to our list.

9. Tape or Eye Pads

Tape & Eye Pads

Tape and Eye Pads are a necessity used to separate the lower lashes from the upper lashes to ensure they do not get stuck together during the treatment. Eye pads are usually designed with the same curvature to match the eyelid and can be very comfortable and sometimes cooling for clients. Tape on the other hand is more flexible as you can place it to fit around each individual clients eyes and you can ensure every single lash has been covered, however it can be more harsh to remove. We would suggest using a combination of the two by first placing the eye pad to cover the majority of the lashes and then tape over the top to cover any lashes poking out or uncovered. Tape can also be handy for other things such as covering your jade stone and lifting the eyelid for layering.


10. Remover

The final item on our list is remover. Some clients will let their extensions naturally fall out, some will get an infill, but the others will want them removed. If you are performing eyelash treatments you should have all the materials necessary to remove them. It is also important to always have remover as you may have a client who has an allergic reaction when applying the extensions, and you may need to remove these immediately. Here at Pinkfishes we offer both a gel and cream remover. 

Other Notable Products

Although they did not make it into the Top 10, there are a few other items worth mentioning that are useful to have as a beginner lash tech. Microfibre brushes are handy as they can be used to apply certain products and liquids such as primer & remover. A lash trolley is ideal to keep beside your treatment bed to store all your lashes and accessories in. Air blowers can be used by your clients after they open their eyes to remove the odour and fumes from the adhesive. There are many other products which are great to have such as bonders & primers, however it can be difficult to purchase everything when starting out. It is a good idea to keep researching new techniques and topping up your kit with new products to try, as there are so many out there that could work well for you.  We hope this blog has helped outline the most important things to buy initially at the start of your lash journey.