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Why do people use Brown Lashes?

Why do People use Brown Lashes? 

Brown lashes, What are they? When would I use them? Who would they suit? How do you use brown lashes?

We have done our research so you don't have to. We aim to provide all the answers to the top asked questions people have about using brown eyelash extensions.

What are Brown Lashes used for?

You may have heard of brown lashes as they are becoming increasingly popular amongst the lash community. Just like black eyelash extensions, brown lashes can be used to create Classic, Hybrid & Russian sets. Brown lash extensions are designed to create a natural looking set of eyelashes. The brown pigment mimics a closer shade to natural hairs, this also means growth of the extension on the natural lash is less noticeable. This is ideal for clients who do not have regular infills as the gap is less obvious. Offering brown lashes can attract a larger clientele as you are offering more alternatives. They are also great to attract new clients as you can eliminate the fear of them being ''too much'' for someone's first time having eyelash extensions.
Brown vs Black Eyelash Extensions

Who Would Suit Brown Lashes?

Brown lashes would suit a variety of clients. Those with naturally brown or red coloured hair and eyebrows would suit brown lashes as it would blend with their features and natural colour palette. Lighter skin tones also suit brown lashes in comparison to black lash extensions, as they would appear less harsh in contrast to the skin colour. This also applies to hair colour; brown lashes would complement fairer shades such as blonde. Many lash technicians choose to apply brown eyelash extensions to mature clients. Natural lashes become more dehydrated and brittle with age meaning your lash line can become sparser. Brown lashes would be more suitable in this instance, as black lashes could emphasise gaps.
Brown Lashes

How Do You Use Brown Lashes?

Here at Pinkfishes we have a few tips to follow when using brown lashes. We would suggest using a clear glue, so it does not show up on extensions, use our Pink Naked Clear or Pink Supreme Clear for seamless application. Combine brown and black extensions to add depth and texture to the set. Mixing the two different tones can also highlight layers. You can also use them as you would black lash extensions.
Brown Eyelashes Set

What Brown Lashes Do Pinkfishes Sell?

Pinkfishes stock brown lashes in C & D curl. With thicknesses 0.05 & 0.07, great for creating volume sets with. These are mixed boxes which contain 16 rows of the following lengths;
  • 1 x 8mm
  • 1 x 9mm
  • 2 x 10mm
  • 2 x 11mm
  • 3 x 12mm
  • 2 x 14mm
  • 2 x 15mm
  • 1 x 16mm
  • 1 x 17mm
We offer a dark shade of brown offering subtle tones. Click here to shop Brown Lashes.