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YY Sample Lash Trays

Have you ever wanted to try Pinkfishes YY Lash trays?

Our new YY Sample Lash Trays contain 3 rows in lengths 10mm, 12mm, 14mm.

Pinkfishes YY Sample Lash Trays are available in C or D curl in 0.07 thickness.

This box should be enough for you to create a beautiful set of lashes using Pinkfishes!

What are YY Lashes? 

YY lashes are applied like a classic but create a volume effect which is wispy and spiky. 

Each fan is made up of 4 lash strands which have a long base and fan out into two halves to create two Y shapes - hence the name YY. 

How do you apply YY Lashes?

When removing the lashes from the strip, grip the lash about half way (where the base splits into the YY shape). This should then keep the 4D fan intact and together before applying as you would a regular classic lash. 

A 4D 0.07 YY Lash is approximately the equivalent weight to a 0.15 classic lash.

0.07 thickness = 0.04mg, 4D x 0.04mg = 0.16mg

0.15 thickness = 0.17mg