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Wet Lash Trays

Introducing our NEW Wet Lash Trays 💦

If you want to create the most beautiful 'Wet Lash' look on your clients, then these trays might just be your new best friend to help you create your sets with ease!

This style of lash extension makes the lashes appear to be wet, giving a textured, spikey appearance. These sets can be created by using lighter lashes to make narrow, virtually closed fans that are then applied as you would a classic.

To speed up this treatment, use Pinkfishes Wet Lash Trays, as these narrow fans have already been pre-made on the strip for you. Simply remove the closed fan from the strip, crystalise the base and apply to the natural lash. Wet Lashes are available in mixed-length boxes in either C or D curl, each containing 16 rows, 2 rows of each length ranging from 8-15mm.

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