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W Lash Tray 0.07


Check out Pinkfishes New W Lashes. 

What are W Lashes? 

W lashes are applied like a classic but create a hybrid-looking volume effect which is wispy and spiky. 

Each fan is made up of 6 lash strands which have a long base and fan out into three sections which replicates the letter W - hence the name W Lashes! 

How do you apply W Lashes?

When removing the lashes from the strip grip the lash about half way (where the base splits into the W shape). This should then keep the 6D fan intact and together before applying as you would a regular classic lash. 

A 6D 0.07 W Lash is approximately the equivalent weight to a 0.18 classic lash.

0.07 thickness = 0.04mg, 6D x 0.04mg = 0.24mg

0.18 thickness = 0.25mg 

Why would you use W Lashes? 

You can create a light volume/hybrid set with these lashes but apply them as easily as you would a classic lash.

Our new W lashes can also speed up treatment time for a hybrid/light volume set as the fans are already made on the strip, easy to apply with great coverage.

Cost effective as there are many fans on each row (approx. 1200 fans per box) Enough for around 8 full sets of eyelash extensions. 

W lashes offer great retention results especially when used in conjunction with a Pinkfishes Adhesive last 4+ weeks due to their straight base. 

Why Choose Pinkfishes W Lashes? 

Pinkfishes W lashes are made from PBT Silk which is cruelty free. 

Pinkfishes W lashes are available in C or D curl in 0.07 thickness in Individual Lengths (9-14mm) and Mixed Length Boxes (8-15mm, 2 rows of each length). 

What is the difference between W & YY Lashes 

W lashes have a dimension of 6 lashes per fan in comparison to YY lashes with 4 lashes per fan, W lashes can create a fuller and darker set. YY fans have lashes that are more spaced out which will result in a choppier wispier looking set.

Read our Blog 'The difference between YY lashes and W lashes explained…' for more information.