Aftercare Kits

NEW PACKAGING - Pinkfishes Aftercare Kits will now come in new kit boxes to give a more professional look, with instructions on the back of the box for customers. 

Our Pinkfishes Aftercare Retail Kits have all the tools for your clients to keep their lashes clean and healthy after their appointment. 

Included in our Aftercare Kits are the following; 

1 x Sensitive Foaming Cleanser Sachet 

10 x Disposable Mascara Brushes 

1 x Pink Lash Brush 

1 x Foam Pump Bottle 

Clean lashes will improve the retention of your clients lashes. 

Retail Opportunity 

Why not retail these shampoos onto your clients or in your salon? RRP £6-£8.50 

Pack of 5 - £4.49 each 

Pack of 10 - £3.95 each 

Pack of 30 - £2.97 each

Mix the Sensitive Foaming Cleansing sachets with 50ml of distilled water into the pump bottle. Use the Pink Lash Brush to apply the cleanser to your lashes to clean them and wash away with water. Use the Disposable Mascara Brushes to regularly brush through your lashes to keep them neat and clean. 

It is advised that the solution is used within 14 daysonce the sachet has been opened.

Please note: Packs of 5,10 & 30 will be sent flat packed to prevent damage occurring in the post.