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The difference between YY lashes and W lashes explained…

The Difference between YY and W lashes explained...

What are YY and W Lashes?

(YY LASHES)                                                       (W LASHES)

YY and W lashes are a type of lash extension that can be applied with a classic application technique but will create a light volume set, similar to pre-made fans. In this blog we look further into what the difference is between YY and W lashes and what makes them so popular. 



Both W & YY lashes can create light volume sets with ease. W lashes are designed to appear in the shape of a ‘W’ which consists of lash extensions bonded together to form a pre-made fan. Similarly to the W lashes, YY lashes have been designed in the shape of a double layered ‘Y’. 

What’s the difference between W and YY lashes?

The main difference between W & YY lashes is the number of lashes per fan. YY Lashes have 4 lashes per fan that form the shape of a double layered Y, whereas the W lashes have 6 lashes per pre-made fan that form the shape of a W. The photos below show the difference between the two fans. 

Although W and YY lashes do look very similar they create very different effects once applied to the clients eye. As W lashes have a dimension of 6 lashes per fan in comparison to YY lashes with 4 lashes per fan, W lashes can create a fuller and darker set. YY fans have lashes that are more spaced out which will result in a choppier wispier looking set. Therefore depending on the look you want to achieve both W & YY lashes have different appearances. 


How much are YY and W Lashes?

The YY and W lashes aren’t like our usual ‘premade’ fans that are separated on each strip, the bases of each fan are closely compacted to replicate the strips within our standard lash trays. This means that the YY & W lash trays are very cost effective as you get a large amount of fans on each row (approx. 1200 - 1600 fans per box depending on whether it is a YY or W lash tray), which is enough for approximately 8 full sets of eyelash extensions. At £11.95 per tray for Pinkfishes YY & W lashes this works out at £1.49 for lashes per full set. 

In direct comparison to Pinkfishes pre-made lashes and pro-made lashes, YY & W lashes are much more cost effective making them a very popular alternative. For example Pinkfishes 4D pre-made lashescost £13.95 for one full set. W & YY lash trays are marginally more than Pinkfishes standard lash trays costing only £1 more for a full tray and approximately 13p more per client. However there are a few more benefits to these lash trays if you still aren’t convinced. 


How do you apply YY and W Lashes?

Another benefit of using YY or W lashes to create your volume sets is that you can apply them exactly as you would apply a classic lash! 

When removing the lashes from the strip, grip the lash about half way (where the base splits into the YY or W shape). This should then keep the 4D or 6D fan (depending on what lashes you are using) intact and together before applying as you would a regular classic lash. Isolate the natural lash and apply the extension. 



If you struggle to make fans or want to speed up your treatment time by cutting out the fan making process then YY and W lashes may be for you. Pinkfishes YY and W lashesare super easy to apply due to their long stem bases, the great surface area allows them to easily adhere to the natural lash and aids in longer retention. 

YY & W lashes can be removed with standard lash extension remover and applied with the same products such as glue, primer, tweezers as you would use for Classic and Russian lash extensions. 


What YY and W Lashes does Pinkfishes stock?

Here at Pinkfishes we offer our YY lashes in 0.07 mixed length trays and individual length trays in a C & D curl. Choose from lengths 8-16mm. Want to try YY lashes? Sample sized trays available for only £3.45. 
Pinkfishes NEW W lashes are currently available in 0.07 mixed length trays in either C or D curl. 
Both our YY and W lashes are made from PBT Silk which are cruelty free. 

Watch our new W Lashes in action: