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Pink Radical II

Optimum consistency for classic and volume application. Pink Radical II has an even faster drying time of 0.5 seconds and a retention of 4+ weeks. Use in conjunction with Pink Creation and Pink Elixir to enhance the retention further. This is a black glue.

Please note; This glue has a very thin viscosity and needs to be shaken well before each use. We also only recommend the use of this glue for very experienced lash technicians as this glue will partially cure before being applied if not applied quick enough.

It has a medium odour so a patch test is required 48 hours prior to application. DO NOT open the main lid of the glue or attempt to put anything like a cotton bud in the glue or on any form of cotton product.

Pink Radical II works best in a room temperature of 20-24 degrees with a humidity of 55%.

Patch test required 24/48 hours prior to application.

EU Regulated.

Made in the UK.

Ingredients - Ethyl-2-Cyanoacrylate, Cyanoacrylate. 

For experienced/professional use only. 

3 month shelf life – once opened to be used within 4-6 weeks.

Please note: 1ml sizes will have less shelf life once opened. Please use within 1-2 weeks.

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