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Pink Prep Pads

✨NEW: Pink Prep Pads ✨

Our Pink Prep Pads are used to cleanse the lashes and surrounding area prior to treatment, and can be used on all of your clients whether they have dry, oily or combination skin! 

Pink Prep Pads will remove any natural oils, makeup residue and proteins from your clients' lashes to help create the ideal bonding surface for your lash extensions and adhesive, therefore increasing their retention! 

To use: Take one Prep Pad and gently wipe the eyelid and lashes to remove dirt, oils & proteins. For better accuracy, fold the pads into halfs/quarters to get into the more restricted areas of the eye-line.

Each box contains 75 pads and we recommend using 1 pad per eye to avoid cross-contamination! 

Vegan & Cruelty Free
Use within 6 months once opened
Keep container tightly closed