Lash Glitter

NEW: Lash Glitter Pots ✨

Add a little ✨sparkle✨ to your lash sets with our new Lash Glitter!

How to Use: 

  • Pick up your pre-made or handmade lash spike/fan with your tweezers and flip it upside down (so the base of is at the top)
  • Dip your spike/fan into a clear lash adhesive (we would recommend either Pink Naked Clear or Pink Supreme Clear). 
  • Then dip the tip of the spike/fan into the glitter of your choice, you can dip part or the whole lash but it can be good to leave the base clean so you can grip the extensions when applying.
  •  Then lift the extension out of the glitter and gently tap off any excess.
  • Wait a few seconds for the lash adhesive to cure (you can also very gently pinch the top of the spike/fan to secure the glitter once the glue has dried)
  • Place the spike/fan either back onto your lash strip or into an empty box for easy access during your treatments or directly onto the natural lash as you would a normal extension. (We recommend pre-making your glitter lashes prior to a treatment to save time.)

Our Lash Glitter Pots are super cost effective and will save you so much money when you are wanting to add a little bit of glitter to your clients lash sets!

Glitter is the perfect addition to your lash sets for all occasions such as  party's, festivals, NYE, Halloween or just to add a little shimmer in the sun!

What Lash Glitter Colours does Pinkfishes Stock? 

  • Silver
  • Black 
  • Gold 
  • Blue
  • Brown 
  • Pink

Can't decide what colour lash glitter to go for? Buy all 6 for the price of 5 lash glitters and get the whole collection. 

3g of Glitter per pot. 

Cosmetic Grade Glitter

Vegan & Cruelty Free 

Aftercare: Clients should continue to follow correct aftercare steps including shampooing their lashes. Please ask clients to be more gentle around areas with glitter as the glitter can fade over time. 

For Professional Use Only. Patch Test Required 24/48 Hours Prior.  Warning: Can cause serious eye irritation. May cause an allergic skin reaction.  For External Use Only. Please follow instructions on packaging.