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Dark Brown Flat Lash Tray 0.15

Brown and Flat combined into one lash. 

These lashes are designed with a rhomboid base to fit around the natural lash easily aiding retention. The dark brown colour is also a closer pigment to the shade of human hairs which creates a more natural look. 

Flat lash extensions have a different weight distribution to classic lashes, so a 0.15 thickness flat lash extension feels like a 0.7 thickness in a classic extension.

These boxes are mixed and contain 16 rows with the following lengths.

  • 8mm x 2
  • 9mm x 2
  • 10mm x 2
  • 11mm x 2
  • 12mm x 2
  • 13mm x 2
  • 14mm x 2
  • 15mm x 2