How to Increase your Income as a Lash Technician by Retailing Products

How to Increase your Income as a Lash Technician by Retailing Products

Who doesn’t want to earn more money? You may think the only way to make more money as a lash tech is to up your prices or to do more treatments…wrong! If you don’t already retail products to clients, then this is something you should consider, as you can increase your income by over £20,000 per year!!!

In this blog we look at the top Pinkfishes products we would recommend retailing as a lash technician, what benefits it has for your clients as well as how much it could earn you. We also dive into how you can start retailing Pinkfishes products by making the most of our bulk buy discounts and ways to start selling to your clients.

Lash Shampoo (Pink Refine & Aftercare Kits)

Lash Shampoo is definitely the top of our list to retail as a lash tech. Every lash extension client should be using a lash shampoo to wash their lashes daily, so you already have the demand on your doorstep for this product. Here at Pinkfishes we offer two different options of shampoo for you to retail to your clients. Firstly, we have Pink Refine, this is a pre-mixed bottle of shampoo. Secondly, we have Pinkfishes lash aftercare kits which include the products you need to look after your lashes that the client makes up themselves and can then just replace the foaming cleanser sachets.

What are the Benefits of Washing Lash Extensions with Lash Shampoo?

Lash shampoo hugely benefits both you (The Lash Tech) and your clients, by washing lash extensions it will cleanse the eyes removing dirt, makeup and residue that would otherwise have a negative effect on the retention of the lashes. Washing lash extensions also helps to avoid possible eye infections, for example eye shadow pigment when trapped and not cleaned can lead to bacterial infections. Washing and drying lash extensions will also put the fluff back into the set making them look fresh!

As a lash tech you will want to encourage your clients to be washing their lash extensions not only for the benefits listed above but for your own! Clients who turn up with clean lash extensions will be easier to lash as there won’t be residue, dirt or mites and you will be able to spend more of your treatment time applying lash extensions as opposed to shampooing clients when they turn up. This is a great way to encourage clients to purchase a shampoo from yourself as they will get more out of their appointment time with you if they come in with pre-cleaned lashes - this is especially important if you charge by time!

What is the Difference Between Lash Shampoo & Aftercare Kits?

Although both products are designed for clients to be able to wash their lashes, they are slightly different. Pink Refine is a premixed shampoo of which you get 50ml of shampoo in each bottle and they last up to 6 months once opened. To use simply pump some shampoo onto your lash brush (which comes with the shampoo) and apply to lashes and the eyelids to clean. We retail our Pink Refine & Lash Brush for £12.95.

Aftercare Kits on the other hand are not premixed and have a kit box which then includes a foam pump bottle, sensitive foaming cleanser sachet, pink lash brush and 10 x mascara brushes – perfect for at home use. To use mix the sensitive foaming cleanser sachet with 50ml of distilled water into the pump bottle. Use the pink lash brush to apply the cleanser to your lashes to clean them and wash away with water. Use the disposable mascara brushes to regularly brush through your lashes to keep them neat and clean. It is advised that the solution is used within 14 days once the sachet has been opened. Clients can then repurchase sensitive cleanser sachets to keep topping up their foam pump bottles with shampoo. We retail our Aftercare Kits for £6.95 and recommend retailing Sensitive Cleanser Sachets for £2-£3 each.

Both products have different benefits as Pink Refine lasts longer once open so more cost effective if washing continuously as a client, or great for lash techs to purchase to wash their clients lashes as no hassle due to being premixed. On the other hand, aftercare kits are great for clients to purchase as they are a cheaper option and include the mascara brushes. Aftercare kits are also good for lash techs to retail as the lower initial upfront cost for clients can be more appealing, and then you can continue to retail the sensitive cleanser sachets at every infill appointment.

(Pinkfishes Aftercare Kit – Everything that is included in each box)

How to Start Retailing Lash Shampoo to Clients

Here at Pinkfishes we offer bulk buy discounts on our lash shampoo (Pink Refine), Aftercare Kits and Sensitive Foaming Cleanser Sachets which are outlined below;

Pink Refine

Pack of 10 - £9.07 each (30% Discount)

Pack of 30 - £7.77 each (40% Discount)

RRP £12.95

Aftercare Kits

Pack of 5 - £4.49 each

Pack of 10 - £3.95 each

Pack of 30 - £2.97 each

RRP £6.95

Sensitive Foaming Cleanser Sachets

Pack of 10 - £0.80 each

Pack of 50 - £0.70 each

RRP £2-£3 per sachet

Shop Sensitive Foaming Cleanser Sachets

A great way to start retailing shampoo is to speak to your existing clients and ask them if they already have a shampoo and if they don’t; say you will be doing an order soon and they can get one for their next appointment. This is a great way to start selling lash shampoos as you can check with all your clients before placing an order, so you know what amount you need to buy before committing to purchasing. You could even do this via your website or social media channels. For example, you could put up a story on Instagram asking your clients to message you if they would like to reserve a lash shampoo, you could use the template below for this;

(Social media template for selling Lash Shampoos)

Another great way to start selling shampoos or aftercare kitsis by ordering the multipacks and displaying them in your lash room or salon. You can get FREE posters on to advertise that you stock and sell Pinkfishes shampoo so that it is readily available for after clients have their appointment. This option offers convenience for clients as they can just add the shampoo or kits onto their treatment price and don’t have to wait or pay for delivery. Going forward you should then remind customers to re-purchase, if you have an sms or e-mail service then sending out reminders via these channels is ideal, alternatively make a note of when someone purchased the initial shampoo and when to remind them to get a new one. Reminding clients is especially important if they purchased an aftercare kit, as clients should be getting a new sensitive foaming cleanser sachet every time they come for an appointment – this will also add to your income!

Now your earnings will depend on how many lash shampoos/aftercare kits you can sell! Check out the graphs below showing potential earnings based on selling different amounts of lash shampoos, aftercare kits and cleanser sachets per week.

(Potential Earnings - Aftercare Kits
(Potential Earnings - Sensitive Cleanser Sachet
(Potential Earnings - Pink Refine Lash Shampoo
These top figures are based on the following;

Lash Shampoos

Selling 10 per week (520 bottles for the year)

Income 520 x £12.95 (RRP) = £6734

Costs: 520 x £7.77 = £4040.40

Profit = £2693.60

Aftercare Kits

Selling 10 per week (520 bottles for the year)

Income 520 x £8 (RRP) = £4160

Costs: 520 x £2.97 = £1544.40

Profit = £2615.60

Sensitive Cleanser Sachets

Selling 25 per week (1300 sachets for the year)

Income 1300 x £3 (RRP) = £3900

Costs: 1300 x £0.70 = £910

Profit = £2990

Longer Lengths (Lash Serum)

Lash serum is another great product to retail to your clients as a lash tech. Many clients will want to maintain the healthiness of their natural lashes whilst having lash extensions but won’t know how too.

What are the Benefits of Using a Lash Serum? 

Pinkfishes Longer Lengths Hair Serum can be used on eyelashes, eyebrows and the hair line to promote healthy root management leading to longer, stronger growing hairs. The formula contains moisturising ingredients, highly concentrated peptides and natural extracts which work together to supply nutrients to the roots and prevent damage. Pinkfishes Longer Lengths serum has been specially designed so that it can also be used with lash extensions on, simply apply at the root.


You can see results in as little as a week, but we recommend using the serum daily and continuously to see dramatic results. Lash extensions shouldn’t damage the natural lashes when applied and looked after correctly so this serum helps to ensure clients natural lashes remain in good condition meaning they also won’t have to take lash breaks!

(Longer Lengths Results After 1 Week) 

How to Start Retailing Lash Serum to Clients

Here at Pinkfishes we offer bulk buy discounts on our lash serums (Longer Lengths).

Longer Lengths

Pack of 10 - £14.95 each (40% Discount)

Pack of 30 - £12.48 each (50% Discount)

Pack of 50 - £9.98 each (60% Discount)

RRP £24.95

Shop Long Lengths Serum

Some great ways to promote lash serum to your clients is to give them leaflets and information on the benefits and how they can use this serum with lash extensions on, as this is a unique selling point that is directly relatable for your customer base. You can either make your own leaflets or request copies of ours which you can see below.

(Pinkfishes Longer Lengths Promotional Leaflet)

A great way to get customers hooked is for them to try the product and see the results for themselves so they want to continue purchasing the serum. Ways to get them to try could include an introductory offer for the serum, give as a free gift at Christmas to clients, run promotions for example book in for a full set in June and get a FREE lash serum with your appointment. Similarly to the lash shampoo it is always a good idea to have physical lash serums in your lash room or salon so that clients can pick one up at their appointment. We have FREE retail posters of our longer lengths serum for you to display in your lash room too.

Check out the graph below showing potential earnings from retailing Pinkfishes longer lengths serum to your lash clients.

(Potential earnings form retailing longer lengths serum)

These top figures are based on the following;

Longer Lengths

Selling 10 per week (520 bottles for the year)

Income 520 x £24.95 (RRP) = £12974

Costs: 520 x £9.98 = £5189.60

Profit = £7784.40

Berry Bond (Brow Balm)

Now this is a very different product to the ones we have already gone through in this blog as it’s not really a lash product but a brow one! Berry Bondcan be used on eyebrows, to nourish and fix hairs in place. We recommend retailing Berry Bond as it is a complementing product to lashes with many eyelash clients also being interested in eyebrow ones too or even better if you are also a brow tech!

What are the Benefits of Using Brow Balm?

Pinkfishes Berry Bond brow balm is formulated with ingredients such as Coconut, Olive and Jojoba oil to nourish the natural eyebrow hairs which is great for keeping them in good condition. This is particularly important for clients who have brow treatments such as brow laminations as these treatments can be very dehydrating on the brows whereas Berry Bond fights to combat this by adding a surge of moisture. Another great benefit of using Berry Bond brow balm is that it is a glue imitator meaning it can be used to manipulate the eyebrow hairs and fix them in new positions. This allows the user to change their eyebrow shape creating brow lamination looks at home! Also great for keeping brow laminations looking fresh and topped up in-between appointments. Berry Bond is also berry scented so in comparison to some other brow products smells amazing on your hair!

How to Start Retailing Berry Bond/Brow Balm to Clients

Here at Pinkfishes we offer bulk buy discounts on our Berry Bond – Brow Balms which are outlined below;

Berry Bond

Pack of 10 - £8.97 each (40% Discount)

Pack of 30 - £7.48 each (50% Discount)

RRP £14.95

Shop Berry Bond Brow Balm

As you don’t need any qualifications to use this product, a great way to sell this product to your clients is to actually use it on them or let them have a go at applying it themselves! Having a balm on hand to use for demos to show clients how to use this product will encourage them to purchase one. Demos are great as you can see the impact of using this product in terms of shaping your eyebrows immediately and when clients remove makeup that same evening you can feel how soft it leaves your brows! Remember to post demos and videos of you shaping yours and other brows with this balm on your social media as clients will then be able to see how easy this product is to use.

Potential earnings for retailing berry bond to your clients can increase your income by over £7,000 annually. What’s even better about this product is rather than just targeting your clients, you can target everyone!

(Berry Bond Potential Earnings)

These top figures are based on the following;

Berry Bond

Selling 10 per week (520 balms for the year)

Income 520 x £14.95 (RRP) = £7774

Costs: 520 x £7.48 = £3889.60

Profit = £3884.40

Retail & Display Stands

Whatever products you decide to retail, it is always good to know how you are going to display them. You need to consider the space you have available for retail products and the aesthetic of your space. Having a retail stand means you can easily display and organise stock with a professional look. Here at Pinkfishes we have two different retail stands on offer. Our larger rotating stand comes with retail hooks for you to hang products from, on which you can spin to see the products on both sides. This option is great for salons or if you retail a range of different products. Our rotating lash stands are £75 or FREE when you purchase a Strip Lash or PF PRO Enhance bundle on our website.

(Assembling Pinkfishes Large Retail Stands

How to Assemble your Retail Stands

Another option is our cardboard retail display stands. These are much smaller and convenient if you are a beginner at retailing products or only want to hold a small amount of stock. You can fit different sized and shaped products in the stand as it is designed like a box to hold the products inside. They come flat packed and are only £9.95 so easy to add to your next order!

Display your retail stands somewhere that will catch client’s eyes and direct your customers to it at the end of each treatment to encourage them to purchase something. Another tip is to have the stand near your till if you have one so that clients can easily add products onto their payment.

Now that you have learnt what products are great to retail to your lash clients and how to sell them, what is stopping you from increasing your income and keeping your clients happy? To start stocking Pinkfishes products for your clients visit the retail section on our website.