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Limited Edition Cashmere Russian Lash Tray

Our limited edition Cashmere Lashes are crafted from high quality, soft PBT fibers and create beautiful, fluffy fans.

These lashes are extremely lightweight and mimic the softness and texture of natural lashes, making them also extremely comfortable for clients as they are softer to the touch and less heavy on the eyes.

These lashes also have a matte appearance as opposed to our standard lash trays that have more of a glossy/silky finish to them. 

Cashmere Lashes also have around 40% higher density than standard lashes trays meaning there are more lashes compacted onto a single lash strip - around 500 pcs per strip, making them highly cost-effective.

These limited edition trays are now available in mixed length (8-15mm) and individual length trays (8-13mm) in 0.03 and 0.05 with a choice of curl; C, CC, or D.