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Brown Lash Tray 0.07

Brown lash extensions are designed to create a natural looking set of eyelashes, the brown pigment mimics a closer shade to human hairs.

Brown lashes are ideal to use on certain clients to compliment their features and to create a more subtle look. For example those with naturally brown or red coloured hair, clients with lighter skin tones & hair such as blonde and mature clients.

They can also be mixed with black extensions to create depth and texture.
We offer brown lashes in either C or D curl in thicknesses 0.03, 0.05 & 0.07.

Mixed boxes contain 16 rows with the following lengths.
  • 8mm x 1
  • 9mm x 1
  • 10mm x 2
  • 11mm x 2
  • 12mm x 3
  • 13mm x 2
  • 14mm x 2
  • 15mm x 2
  • 16mm x 1
  • 17mm x 1