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Anna Lingis - PR Package

Celebrity Makeup Artist Anna Lingis has collaborated with Pinkfishes to design 'The Allure Collection.'

Save money and get the whole collection by purchasing the Anna Lingis PR Package which includes the following;

Dreamy Strip Lash: The ''Dreamy'' strip lash has an invisible lash band, which makes this lash lightweight and fluffy whilst adding length and natural volume to your lashes. 

Enchanted Strip Lash: The ''Enchanted'' strip lash has a very fine band, which gives an illusion of a fuller lash line, it's lightweight and wispy which creates the perfect fluttery lash. 

Strip Lash Glue: Anna Lingis x Pinkfishes 5g strip lash glue is great for use with strip lashes. The White formula dries clear for a seamless application. This strip lash glue is water resistant, long lasting, dries clear & latex free. Use the brush on applicator to apply the glue directly to your strip lash. Once applied to the band of the strip lash, please leave for 10-15 seconds to allow to become tacky. Gently peel the strip lash off when you want to remove.Clean warm water will help to wash away any unwanted glue residue.

Strip Lash Applicator: This applicator allows you to stick your strip lashes on with ease. The curved design makes it safer to apply strip lashes onto your eyelid without hassle. 

Magnetic PR Box:The Allure Collection comes nicely packaged in a Magnetic Storage for safe keeping or for making a great gift.