No beauty kit is complete without a good set of tweezers. When it comes to applying eyelash extensions, they are absolutely essential.

Our premium range of professional eyelash tweezers are made from the best quality materials and are designed for precision, comfort and reliability. With narrow, fine tips, perfect alignment and comfortable pressure points, they are ideal for the most delicate tasks associated with lash care.

We stock eyelash extension tweezers in six different styles. The differences relate most obviously to the shape and angle of the tip, but also to the overall length and the position of the pressure point.

Which style of eyelash tweezer is best for you is often a matter of personal preference. However, experienced beauticians will often say certain tweezers are better suited to certain tasks.

At, we are committed to helping all of our customers choose the right products for perfect eyelash care. Here are some tips for picking out the right eyelash tweezers.


If you want a pair of tweezers you can multi-task with, working on a straight tweezer is the classic all rounder. If you are specifically looking for eyelash extension tweezers, the balance of surface area and precision an L-shape tweezer provides makes it a good option for natural lashes and all extension types, including volume lashes.


Picking up and placing fans can be a delicate operation. Small, angled tweezers with a short base offer you the most control. Our angled tweezers or hook tweezers can also be used for natural lash isolation.

Volume lash tweezers

Many beauticians prefer a longer-based tweezer for applying volume lash fans to individual lashes. Our classic volume tweezers offer a larger surface area for easier pick-up, while our curved tweezers offer great pick-up for the biggest volume lash fans with a comfortable angle for application.