Looking to start out as a professional beautician? Eager to learn the tricks of the trade eyelash specialists use for choosing and fitting the perfect extensions?

We are passionate about eyelash care, and we want to play our part making sure that the professional skills required to create perfect extensions continue to be passed on and developed. That is why pinkfishestraining.com offers its very own bespoke eyelash training courses as well as training kits available to buy online.

We are involved in running courses across Essex, Kent, Hampshire and Dorset. We cater for students of all abilities, for those just starting out, beauticians looking to set up a new business, or professionals wanting to add eyelash care to an existing business. We make sure our courses are fully up to date covering all the latest techniques, technologies and health and safety regulations.

Professional eyelash training takes time and patience. If you are enrolled on an eyelash training course, you will need the right equipment so you can practice your skills as often as possible.

In our eyelash training kits, you will find everything you need both for your course and to set up at home offering friends and family extensions so you can practice. There is even enough in the kits to get started as a business once you have qualified.

We sell eyelash training kits in three sizes, with the main difference being the quantities of resources you get in each. All three kits contain:

● Trays of lashes
● Tweezers
● Pink Lustre Sensitive eyelash adhesive
● Pink Creation primer
● Pink Liquefy remover
● Under eye gel pads
● Jade stone
● Microfibre brushes
● Micropore tape
● Large air blower.

When you order your kit, you will be able to specify the types of lash extensions you want, as well as the style of tweezers you prefer.