Thea’s Story

I met Tina through her son, Callum, who I was with for almost 2 years. My relationship with him made me feel lucky enough but when I met his family and truly became part of it, my heart could have exploded with love. I grew so close to every member of his family but always truly felt like Tina was more of a best friend rather than the mum of my boyfriend, and I went to her for advice, on quite literally, everything. I met Annie for the first time when Callum introduced her as his big sister. I grew such a special connection with her as well because, again, she always felt like one of my closest friends.

When Annie and Tina began to start preparations to launch their business I wanted to help in anyway I could. They asked if, along with other girls, I would do a photo shoot to get pictures that would be used for the website and all their advertisements. It was a really recent development that I could feel even the tiniest bit of confidence in myself so a shoot felt like a really big deal and I was nervous from the second I’d said yes until the second I saw the pictures on the website. The pictures are now on the website and social medias and are also on every single leaflet. I now look at them and feel really genuinely happy with them and with the fact that I was able to be a part of something that was so important to those I care about, and that my state of mind didn’t stand in my way of doing it; as it definitely would have done earlier on during my experience of battling body dysmorphic disorder.

Because of our close bond, Tina was one of the first people I sent my story to, that is on my JustGiving page before I posted it anywhere. I wanted to make sure she was one of the people that read it from me directly and not online. She rang me immediately and I think we both cried multiple times and she said she wanted to do all she could to help. Which brings me to today, Tina and Annie are going to support my fundraising with the backing of and donate 25p per every box of eyelashes sold to the cause. I could not be more grateful to them not only for this support but also the emotional support they’ve offered me from the day I met them.

Opening up my experience and being completely honest about it for the first time was the scariest thing I’ve ever done so to have such solid support makes me feel like the luckiest girl in the world. If you have the time please read my story on my JustGiving page and donate if you can. I want to make the biggest genuine difference I possibly can in terms of giving to the charity and bringing awareness to the cause. I’m so beyond blessed to have been able to get to such a happy place from one where I felt numb to any kind of happiness and I now want that same feeling to be brought to as many people who need it as possible.