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Hybrids Box

Brand NEW Hybrid Boxes, simplifying your Hybrid lashes sets more than ever! Combining our Flat and Pre-fanned lashes to bring the perfect ‘Lash’ Match!

Conveniently housed in our New Duo Boxes available in C & D curl, the box includes 16 rows of both 0.15 Flat lashes and 320 pre-fanned lashes, 0.07 6D,  in lengths 8-16mm. I think we can all agree they never looked so good together and all in one box!

Our XL boxes come in the following mixed lengths;

  • 8mm x 1
  • 9mm x 1
  • 10mm x 2
  • 11mm x 2
  • 12mm x 3
  • 13mm x 3
  • 14mm x 2
  • 15mm x 1
  • 16mm x 1
    Hybrids are a style between Classic and Russian lashes, giving you a fuller looking set of eyelashes than a Classic set, but a lighter look than a Russian set. You can get between 4-6 sets for the one box depending on your hybrid style.