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Elite X Tweezer

X Tweezers are a great multifunctional tool. Ideal for isolating and picking up individual lashes. The clamp like feature grips the lashes tightly and you squeeze the tweezer to release. 

Our 'Elite Tweezer' collection are designed with diamond tips allowing for a better grip than other eyelash tweezers. Diamond tips are the optimal design for fine lashes such as 0.03. 

These tweezers also come in their own magnetic tweezer storage box, helping to ensure they are kept safe and clean. 

We also offer 2 FREE replacements for accidental damage for 6 months after purchase. If you drop your tweezers or damage them simply contact us and we will replace them for free up to 2 times within 6 month of purchase.*Damaged tweezers will need too be sent back to Pinkfishes by the customer. 

All tweezers are hand tested by our team of lash technicians to ensure quality and grip.