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Easter Egg Hunt

Join the Pinkfishes Easter Egg Hunt for a chance to win some prizes!

Every order over £5 placed between 4pm on Tuesday 7th March until Saturday 15th April 2023 will have a coloured egg sticker stuck to the front of the parcel. Simply collect as many eggs as you can before then and send us a photo of your collected egg stickers to claim your prize!

Please give us a follow and send your photos to @pinkfisheslashco on Instagram or TikTok.


3 Eggs = FREE Aftercare Kit

7 Eggs = FREE Berry Bond

9 Eggs = FREE Pink Royalty Adhesive

12 Eggs =FREE Longer Lengths Serum

14 Eggs = FREE PF PRO Bundle 2

16 Eggs = £100 Pinkfishes Voucher

T&Cs Apply.

Minimum spend of £5 per order (excluding shipping) to receive an egg. Eggs will only be placed on parcels order from or the Pinkfishes TikTok shop, no 3rd parties. There are a maximum of 16 eggs to collect. Eggs must be different variations to claim prizes (i.e. if you have 3 eggs all the same design this only counts as 1 egg) you may receive multiples as eggs are given out randomly. Any colour egg can be placed on any space on the map - but make sure you only have 1 of each style of egg on your map for it to count! 

You are only able to claim 1 prize per person, so hold on to your eggs and collect as many as you can for a bigger prize. 

Prizes can not be exchanged for cash or any monetary value. 

Every egg will be marked with a Pinkfishes sticker, this must be present for the egg to count. Anyone who tries to use fraudulent eggs will be excluded from the easter egg hunt. 

Eggs will not be placed on parcels from Saturday 15th April 2023. You have until Sunday 30th April to claim your prize.