A great beautician is only as good as their tools. Providing a high-quality eyelash care service requires a lot of equipment to compliment your skills.

At pinkfishes.com, we have you covered. In our range of eyelash extension accessories, you will find must-have essentials such as eyelash adhesive and under eye pads, along with a number of handy little extras which will make your life that much easier.

We offer a range of Eyelash Extension Accessories including: Memo Foam Pillows, Client Record Cards, Lash Combs, Lash Mirrors, Mircofibre Brushes, Glue Rings, Mascara Brushes, Air Blowers and Lash Holders.

Eyelash adhesive and remover

We stock our own brand eyelash adhesives specially formulated for long-lasting hold and a professional smooth finish. Our Pink Radical adhesive has a thin consistency for easy application, super-fast curing time and holds for upwards of four weeks – perfect for the most extreme volume lash and individual lash extensions.

Our Pink Lustre Sensitive adhesive, meanwhile, is one of the only hypoallergenic lash glues on the market. Odourless and formaldehyde free, it is specially formulated for people with known skin sensitivities.

We also sell our own Pink Creation Primer, which improves the bonding surface on natural lashes and reduces the curing time of lash glue. Our Pink Liquefy Remover gel, meanwhile, will help to dissolve glue when it is time to remove old extensions.

Under eye pads

Our under eye gel pads serve a dual purpose during lash extension applications – they protect the lower lid, keeping skin and lower lashes out of the way of eyelash adhesive and tweezers, and they also provide cooling, soothing hydration, improving the overall experience.

We also stock micropore and transpore tape for taping down clients’ lower lashes during applications.

Other eyelash extension accessories

If there something that can help with eyelash extensions, we have thought of it! From microfibre brushes for applying adhesive, primer or remover to hand-held mini lash mirrors for getting the best view of your client’s lashes, we have everything covered.